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Fun Casino Games

Each type of casino game is fun in its own way, but people gravitate toward one particular game type because what makes it enjoyable is subjective and individualized.

For some, it's the thrill of chasing a massive jackpot, no matter the odds. Other people thrive on competitive play and beating other players. And for some, it's the social experience of a game that’s the draw.

Finding fun casino games simply means discovering what appeals to you. In this guide, we'll talk about what makes each of the most popular casino games enjoyable and what type of player is best suited to it.

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Player's Guide to Fun Casino Games

This list does not include the full roster of games available at online casinos, merely the most popular. But every player tends to like at least one of these games:


Slots players like the idea of wagering a relatively small amount and hitting a huge jackpot with it. That's why games with multimillion-dollar jackpots like Wheel of Fortune are always among the most popular at any casino. It's the essence of a fun casino game when each pull just may be the one that makes you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Many slots players actually prefer presentation over jackpots. That's why slots manufacturers put so much emphasis on graphics, music and appealing bonus rounds.

Slots are also an egalitarian game in that there are no skills to learn or patterns of play to commit to memory. So everyone who spins the wheel has an equal chance. It's a perfect pastime for players who want a less frenetic, but engaging game.

Video Poker

Video poker is a game that appeals to players who want favorable odds but do not wish to play a table game.

When played with perfect strategy, certain video poker games actually give the player a very small advantage over the house. This can make video poker one of the most fun casino games available. Granted, these highly favorable pay tables can be hard to find.

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However, a skilled player at standard pay tables is only facing a house edge of less than 1% with many games, and definitely less than 2% with all but the most unfavorable payout rates.

In this way, video poker can be a grind, but there is always the possibility of hitting a royal flush. When played with a maximum coin-in wager, games return 4000x the amount when one is hit.


Blackjack is another game that appeals to skilled players who want to whittle down the house edge as much as possible. An experienced player will be up against a house edge of less than 1%. Table rule sets considered highly unfavorable to the player keep the house edge under 2% if played with ideal strategy; better odds than the best slot machines and video poker variants.

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It's also the easiest table game to learn short of roulette. Unlike poker, you only play against the dealer, who is required to hit and stand according to predetermined rules. You don't have to worry about “tells” as you would in poker. There's also no confusing menu of side bets or lingo to learn, and with online play, you don't even have to learn the table hand signals!



Like slots, roulette is entirely random and doesn't really require skill, but it’s one of the most popular and fun casino games online. Before placing a bet or wagering real money on the roulette table, find out what the relative odds are on each type of bet. It's simple to understand and easy to participate. Roulette offers the thrill of constant action and camaraderie as all the players who bet on the same winning color or group of numbers enjoy good fortune together.

You can scale your bets in roulette as well. Want smaller but more frequent wins? Bet on even-odd or a color, where the house has only a relatively small advantage. You can increase the volatility of the game by picking increasingly large groups of numbers, even picking one particular number and color for the ultimate in risk-reward play. You're free to adjust the wager with each new spin.


A big part of what makes craps a really fun casino game is the social interaction and the attention you get when you're the shooter. Obviously, some of that is lost online, but casinos have made great strides to replicate it. For example, some have you roll with a “virtual arm” to enhance the experience, and will run an audio chat option so people can hear all the classic craps lingo and celebrate together.

Like roulette, craps lets you set your own volatility with a wide range of bets. One of the most favorable bets in any casino is betting the Pass line after a come-out roll in craps. But if you want to aim higher, you can bet on single numbers for 15x to 30x your wager amount!


Keno is a fun casino game that‘s similar to state-sponsored mega-lotteries, but you don't have to wait days or weeks for the winning numbers to be revealed. It’s a way for people who live in areas that don't have games like the Powerball to potentially win big money with a small wager.

The Fun Never Stops Online

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Online casino games are just as fun as their traditional counterparts, but with some unique advantages like welcome and deposit bonuses. Trying games out for free to see what you personally find the most enjoyable is a great idea, and also something you can only do online!

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Now that you know how to make your next game session more fun, it's time to go play!


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