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It used to be that you had to find a land-based casino if you wanted to play roulette. Now, there are a wide variety of tables available from your computer or mobile device. Just about every online casino offers real money roulette games, and they are usually more favorable to the player than the games at brick-and-mortar casinos.

The Player's Guide to Real Money Roulette

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This guide will help you get started playing real money roulette games online. We will discuss how to find and set up games, how to keep your money and personal information safe while playing, the best ways to win money at roulette, and the best bonus offers to look for.

Getting Started With Real Money Roulette

Most of the major online casinos offer roulette tables. You can access their full package of casino games in one of three ways:

  • Download software from the site for PC or Mac desktops or laptops
  • Download a casino app for mobile operating systems such as Android or Apple iOS
  • Play directly through your web browser

In general, online casino games are not very demanding in terms of required hardware and connection speeds. You can check the minimum requirements of each casino you are interested in by finding their “hardware requirements” or “system requirements” page. A good way to quickly find this is to type the name of the casino into your internet search engine followed by one of these phrases. Alternatively, find out which software provider the casino uses (ex. Microgaming or CryptoLogic) and look for minimum hardware requirement listings on the provider's page.

If you have any kind of computer or mobile device made in the last few years, you should be ready to play with any type of wired home internet connection. Mobile players should have no trouble using a 4G connection that is not in a very busy area.

There are many online casino options, and most of them offer multiple varieties of roulette. To narrow down the search, look only at those that are licensed by a reputable national gaming commission. They should also have third-party certification with a reputable company that tests the fairness of their games. Finally, look for the bonus and loyalty offers that are most appealing. If you are interested in an exotic variant of roulette like Spingo, find out who makes the game (in this case Microgaming) and look for a list of casinos that use their software.

Keeping Your Money Safe

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We touched on the importance of looking for casinos licensed by reputable government agencies. Such a license means that the casino is subject to laws and regulations, has their financial dealings monitored by the government, and provides the player with an arbitrating force that carries some clout in the event of a dispute. They will also likely have to meet government standards for securing the personal and financial information you share with them.

Finding a reputable licensed casino is a big first step, but it is not the only thing you can do to stay safe while playing real money roulette on the Internet. When you create a new account, you will be asked to provide a few sensitive pieces of information to verify your identity, such as a government-issued photo ID. Ensure that the casino only has you upload this information through a webpage with the https:// designation, meaning that your information transfer is encrypted so that outside parties cannot intercept and view it.

Be sure to use the most secure connection possible when creating a new account. It is ideal to use your wired home connection or a personal mobile data connection (not the free WiFi at Starbucks!). If the casino wants you to email copies of your identity documents to them, it is best to politely decline and look elsewhere unless they are willing to use encrypted email.

How Do You Win Money at Roulette?

Roulette is entirely a game of chance. There is no bet or betting strategy that ever favors the player. Some bets and types of tables are more favorable than others, however.

The two major types of table are American and European. European tables are better for players because they have only one zero on the wheel. However, it may be worth considering the American games offered by the casino, as they may increase the payouts to higher-than-usual levels to try to entice players in spite of the added house edge.

The theoretical house edge on most bets at an American roulette table is 5.26%, versus 2.7% at a European table. This house edge is the same whether you bet on a single number to land, or one of the “half and half” bets such as red or black. That is because house edge is a calculation of the casino's expected return over the lifetime of the game, not the probability of winning any one spin.

In the short term, you have a much better chance betting red or black than you do betting a single number. However, due to the difference in payout amounts (35:1 for a single number versus 2:1 for a bet on red or black), over time both types of bets are expected to regress to the same house edge.

The best type of roulette is the French variant called “imprisonment” (also “la partage” or “surrender”). The house edge is only 1.35% at these games, because you have the possibility of recovering a losing bet on the next spin by choosing to “imprison” it, or simply opting to have half of it returned to you right away.

How then can you get ahead in roulette? In the long term, at any one casino, you will not be able to. In the short term, however, you can search for the best possible welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and loyalty offers. These perks can help to lessen the effect of the house edge.

Real Money Roulette Bonuses at Online Casinos

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Most casino bonuses involve matching your deposits with free play. There is usually a very large welcome bonus offered for your first deposit and smaller bonuses for topping up your account over time. The casino may also offer free spins, free tournament entries, or other small perks to players who stay with them for a period of months. These bonuses are structured differently than the offers that land-based casinos make, and are frequently more generous.

Real Money Roulette: The Advantage is Online

Online, real money roulette players enjoy some significant advantages, not the least of which are convenience and selection. The advantages are especially great for players based in the United States, where local land-based casinos likely offer only the most unfavorable types of roulette tables. Be sure to do your due diligence on any new online casino to verify that they are regulated properly and that they offer loyalty bonuses that are worth your time.


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