High Limit Roulette

High limit roulette tables have an unusually large minimum bet, and they may also allow huge maximum bets. They are somewhat rare at traditional casinos these days, and are often hidden away in exclusive high-limit areas. With online play, the stakes you desire are available at one casino or another, and you can play much more discreetly than you could at a live casino.

The Player's Guide to High Limit Roulette

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This guide will explain how high limit tables work. You'll learn about the average minimum and maximum bet amounts, limits on different bet types, and the unique advantages that online high rollers enjoy.

What Makes a Roulette Table “High Limit?”

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There is no absolute rule for what constitutes a high limit table. Table limits vary widely from casino to casino, based on the expected bankroll of their usual clientele. For example, you'll see much higher table limits available at the Bellagio in Las Vegas than you will at a little off-Strip casino in the middle of the desert!

The observation is also accurate for online casinos. If you're playing at a high limit table online, however, a reasonable expectation is a minimum bet of 25 Euros (or about 30 USD).

Table maximums have as much to do with the software the casino has licensed as it does with their individual preferences. Every software developer sets a table maximum for their roulette games. The casino can bring this maximum bet down if they care to, but they cannot increase it. Most software developers cap their maximum roulette bets somewhere in the tens of thousands of Euros, but there is at least one that allows bets of up to $500,000 if the casino permits them!

If you're new to roulette, keep in mind that the maximums usually vary by the type of bet. Generally speaking, casinos allow much larger bets on the outside bet options than on the inside. For the uninitiated, “outside” bets are wagers like red/black and 1-18/19-36, while “inside” bets are individual numbers. It's not uncommon for the outside bet limit to be ten times higher than inside bets. Casinos give the more favorable outside bets higher limits because they pay out less. There's too much risk for the house if it allows huge bets on a single number and a high roller gets unusually lucky.

The limits described above apply primarily to casinos based outside the United States, particularly those headquartered in the United Kingdom or one of its whitelisted territories. Maximum bets available to United States players, like those offered by casinos in the state of New Jersey, usually limit wagers to a few thousand dollars at most.

The Advantages of High Limit Roulette

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Playing high limit roulette gives you many advantages, especially online. Casinos want to attract and retain high rollers, and part of that is giving them more favorable rules and treatment than is customary.

High rollers will find that online tables allow much larger bets than traditional live casinos. As we mentioned in the previous section, anywhere from 10,000 to 500,000 Euros can be put down on one spin at many online casinos. Even at the most exclusive casinos in Las Vegas, you'll have a hard time finding a high limit table that allows a maximum bet greater than USD 10,000.

Online play is also much more discreet. Some high rollers enjoy making a splash and being the center of attention, but if that's not your style, live roulette obviously doesn't allow you to keep a low profile. Live tables color-code each player's chips, so everyone knows who is making the big wagers. At an online table, you're nothing more than a screen name and you can depart at any time without anyone watching or following you.

But what was that about more favorable rules? Generally speaking, you find the most favorable terms at high limit tables. These tables are usually the only ones that allow “surrender” or “en prison” rules, which cut deeply into the house edge. At casinos based in the United States, you'll sometimes find the more favorable European-style tables in high-limit areas. You also don't have to worry about short pays at a high limit table—the casino knows they are dealing with experienced players who expect the best possible action in return for their level of play.

Finally, there's the convenience of online high limit play. There's no need to take a long flight, stand in a long hotel check-in line. There's no need to pay inflated prices, deal with rowdy fellow patrons, inhale cigar smoke (if that's not your thing) or walk long distances between multiple casino floors looking for an open table that has the action you desire. You don't have to go anywhere to enjoy high-stakes roulette.

I Have The Perfect Betting System. Where Do I Find No Limit Roulette?

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We hate to break it to you, but you don't. There is no perfect betting system. If there were, you would no longer see roulette tables offered on casino floors, because teams of advantage players with huge bankrolls would run casinos out of business.

There is a betting system that works, at least under theoretical conditions. The Martingale and a number of its derivatives can, in theory, beat the house. It is a well-known system where you double your wager after each loss until you win, then return to your starting wager amount. The Martingale does work consistently, but only if the player has an unlimited bankroll and the house doesn't cap wagers at all. While there might be some people out there with enough cash on hand to make this system work, there is no table anywhere, online or offline, that allows you to continue doubling your bets forever—eventually, you will hit the table limit.

You might still be thinking that with high enough table limits, you can get away with running the Martingale successfully. It may work for a little while, but it is destined for failure eventually.

Let's take the highest possible maximum bet we mentioned above—the $500,000 limit offered by Evolution Gaming's live tables on outside bets. The higher the maximum bet is, the higher the minimum required bet is as well, and tables with a limit like this are guaranteed to have a minimum wager of at least $1,000. You can therefore only double your bet eight times before your next wager will overshoot the table limit. If you're taking the most favorable bets (like red/black or even/odd), there's a pretty small chance that you'll lose eight times in a row. It happens more often than you might think. It only takes one loss to wipe out all of what you've won and then a few more to put you in a gigantic hole.

There's also the psychological factor—looking at the Martingale system on paper and making wagers of $64,000 or $128,000 of your own money are two entirely different things, and even legitimate high rollers often get cold feet and back off when the stakes get that high.

People sometimes make betting system plans that involve the large “welcome bonuses” offered by many casinos. The problem is that roulette play is often exempt from wagering requirements, or at the very least the most favorable outside bets. Read the fine print carefully before you put such a strategy in play!

Exclusive Tables – The Highest Limits Online

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“Exclusive tables” is the term most commonly used for the high limit tables that offer max bets of 5,000 to 500,000 Euros. These tables also sometimes offer intriguing side bets, such as a spread bet or a “back to back” bet that gives you a large bonus when a particular number hits twice in a row.

The Highest Roulette Limits are Online

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Given that table limits are higher and exclusive tables are easier to find, online casinos are the best option for high rollers to play roulette. If you miss the social aspect of a traditional casino, check out live streaming games that allow you to view and interact with a real croupier.

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