Real Money Slots

“Real Money” slots enable the player to wager actual money. The games are as popular online as they are on casino floors, but they operate somewhat differently.

First, though it’s important to note that real money slots are the games that provide both online and traditional casinos the largest profit, so slot players receive more comps than any other patron. Still, live casinos have a limited amount of floor space for slots. But there are no such restrictions in online gaming. The virtual casino can host as many games as it chooses and one does not have to wait for a seat.

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How Do I Play Slots Online With Real Money?

Online casinos require a direct deposit of funds, but there are some significant advantages to playing slots online this way. One is the “deposit bonus” that most casinos offer, otherwise known as the “welcome bonus” or “matching bonus”.

Many online casinos also offer a generous amount of free play matched to the amount of your initial deposit; in some cases four times as much!

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Another advantage to playing real money slots when you're gambling online is the range of funding options. For example, on the gaming floor in Macau or Las Vegas, there are no machines that accept credit cards.

Online casinos, on the other hand, allow players to use not only credit and debit cards for deposits but also e-wallet services like PayPal and Skrill. Money orders, cashier's checks, and in some cases personal checks are also accepted.

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When the player wins, money is redeposited in a virtual account; there are no “hand pays”, tax forms or paper tickets. Online casinos also allow withdrawals from myriad sources such as wire transfers to a registered bank account or a replenishment of an e-wallet account.

While the initial deposit bonus is usually the largest, online casinos offer smaller bonuses or free spins in return for successive deposits. A  traditional casino never proffers matching funds simply for putting money in a machine.

No Deposit Bonuses: Play For Real Money With Free Spins

While the deposit bonus is the most common promotion online casinos use to entice new players, some are also offering bonuses that don't require a deposit.

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There are two major types of no deposit slot bonuses: free play and free spins. In some cases, the online casino may allow a few free spins to new players with no financial commitment whatsoever. However, the promotion may be limited to only certain games. If the casino offers free play that can be used like cash, it will usually require the player to meet certain wagering requirements before the withdrawal is allowed.

But a no deposit bonus isn't exactly free money. It is simply a way to try out new games at no risk while still retaining a small chance of winning money…

Which Online Slots are the Most Lucrative?

The best measure of a slot game’s return is the “payback percentage.” The problem is, it’s difficult to calculate given the available information and the calculations are a complicated.

Some games post a payback percentage and some game reviews have done independent calculations.

RTP return to player

Generally speaking, most online slots return between 85% to 95% of the player’s investment. The best return documented is approximately 98%. These numbers only apply to players who have a long-term relationship with the game.

Most people play slots for fun and don't expect to consistently make money. So the most prudent play is to seek out a game with a good jackpot.

Progressive slot jackpots are popular because a small percentage of each wager is redeposited so the winning amount can be substantial.  When a progressive jackpot gets big enough, there's actually a positive expected return for each wager the player makes.

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Real Money Slots
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