High-Limit Casinos

No matter what kind of casino gaming you enjoy, you can play high-limit casino games from your home computer, tablet or mobile device. For VIPs, the mobile and online gaming experience can be just as exciting as a live casino floor in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. In high-limit games, the stakes are higher and so is the payout – more risk, more reward.

The best part about high limit gambling is the fact that you can play from the comfort of your home or any other location that has high-speed Internet access.

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The most popular high limit casino games of 2017 are:

You can play high-limit games on your mobile device as easily as you can on your computer or laptop. Virtually all of the best online casinos provide free apps for your mobile device. You simply download and install them on your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device and start your max bets now.

high limit online casinos

High Limit Online Casino Games

You can find high limit games at every Las Vegas casino where they spread the biggest limits, give VIP players the best odds, and payout the biggest jackpots.
Many private VIP casinos also provide special services for high stakes gaming such as:

  • Assistance setting your bet
  • Private tables for VIPs
  • Choices of betting pace
  • Automatic deposits to your bankroll

You focus on a winning strategy, and the casino handles the logistics of the game. Many of the same services should be offered by virtual high-stakes casinos, so investigate them thoroughly before committing to a high-limit game.

Trust, Safety and Online Casino Compliance

The reputable, licensed and secure high-limit online casino will reward their high rollers. A trustworthy online casino will clearly display the logo of its regulatory organization which makes sure that players are paid their winnings.

Also, high limit casinos or high limit mobile apps should have an eCOGRA seal. eCOGRA is the most respected compliance trade association in the industry.
eCOGRA makes sure that online casino games are current with compliance requirements, so the online casino can handle your high limit transactions.

VIP Online Casinos use Random Number Generators (RNG)

Every high-limit casino relies on a random number generator or RNG. An RNG supplies the numbers, pips, or cards that show up in each hand or spin in high limit casino games.

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Why are RNGs important to high stakes gaming?

Because no regulated and compliant RNG has ever been predicted, hacked, or decoded.

High limit RNG's are impossible to predict. Without them, big-bet online and mobile gaming would not exist. So if you see compliance and regulatory logos, your online casino is relying on RNGs. Most importantly, you know your high limit game is legitimate. Additionally, online casino host and cashier servers use SSL and 132-bit encryption.

These maintain the safety of your identity and your bankroll.

VIP Casino Bonuses

vip casino bonuses

High-stakes gaming offers more benefits than simply winning a large sum of money. You also can receive special gaming incentives designed to keep you happy and playing longer.

High-stakes gaming offers VIP players high-limit tables are always open and never full. The player is allowed to set the stakes and big bets do not require pit boss approval.
Gamblers are also allowed to use betting programs during gameplay and VIP casino hosts work tirelessly to ensure privacy and confidentiality for all high rollers.

In a Las Vegas casino, your high limit play may earn you a free show and dinner. But online high limit casinos reward players with cash bonuses. Online casinos offer cash rewards, free play bonuses, deposit match and even new player, welcome bonuses that provide free cash but do not require a cash deposit to redeem.

Tips for Placing Large Bets

large bets

Every winning VIP player knows the Kelly Criterion. It is a strategy that works best in no-limit gaming. MIT math geniuses John Kelly and Edward Thorpe developed the Kelly Betting Strategy. It is the most effective method for making money in high limit casino games.

However, the Kelly Criterion is complicated and difficult to memorize. Basically, it is a formula for determining the size of your bets based on odds. Then, you constantly increase your bet if the odds and conditions remain constant. Eventually, this strategy yields big wins at high limit casinos.

But in online casinos or mobile casino apps, you don't need to memorize a formula. You can use a Kelly Criterion calculator. The calculator will generate a betting strategy for you. And you can keep it running while you play high limit casino games.


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