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Slots are by far the most popular casino game throughout the world. Powerful computers with high-speed internet connections are the norm today. So, game developers and online casinos are able to market their slot machines anywhere and everywhere.

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Popular slot machines found on gaming floors in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Monte Carlo, all have online counterparts. The monetary benefits are clear: game manufacturers attract a much wider audience and players get the convenience of playing anywhere.

The Evolution of the Slot Machine

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Slot machines were invented in the United States in the late 1800s. The very first one used a deck of cards spun in a drum to create poker hands. The early machines weren't played for money; players would get drinks, food or cigars as prizes from the bars that housed the machines.

One of the companies that popularized slot machines nationwide was the Bell Fruit Gum Company, that used fruit symbols to represent the candy flavors players could win. The famous BAR symbol was also first used in its machines.

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Originally, slot machines were entirely mechanical, so were vulnerable to sharp players who could figure out the opportune to stop the reels manually. But by the 1960s slots shifted entirely to an electromechanical model, which stopped the nefarious practice and allowed the house to pay out bigger jackpots without a hand pay.

Today's slots are referred to as “video slots” as they are constructed and maintained by electronics, with a computerized random number generator which determines the results of each spin before the player even pushes the button. The shift toward chip-based technology has created many possibilities.

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New technology has made it much easier to link multiple machines together for progressive jackpots, even those in different physical locations. Second, it can provide video clips and 3D effects, heightening the player’s experience. Finally, games now have expanded features like dozens of pay lines and bonus rounds.

Online Slots – Live Gameplay Video

Computerized slots on gaming floors can be very quickly and easily replicated online. In fact, most slot manufacturers make games available through both online and traditional casinos.

Instead of inserting money into the slot machine, online players deposit funds with the casino that can be drawn on for any of its games. Winnings go back into this fund, which can be withdrawn through a variety of means such as wire transfers and payments to e-wallet accounts like PayPal and Skrill.

Online slots are no different than their counterparts on casino floors. The main advantage for online gaming, is there are no physical space constraints; no limit to how many people can play simultaneously, and online casinos offer a wider range of games than traditional casinos.

It’s possible that online video slots offer better odds as well, specifically in terms of a better payback percentage. Online casinos don't have the overhead costs that gaming floors do, which enables them to be more generous with players if they choose. Also, a much more sizable population of players contribute to progressive jackpots that are guaranteed to payout at a predetermined amount.

Play Slot Machines on Your PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone

You can play replicas of the most popular video slot machines for real money using a computer, tablet or even a mobile phone. Taking advantage of special online-only bonuses provides player advantages that are not available at a traditional casino.

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