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According to, online blackjack players have a wealth of options for getting some hands in while they’re on the go. Just about every online casino has blackjack available for all the major smartphones and tablets on the market. And in most cases, getting into the game is as simple as installing an app and verifying your identity.

The Player's Guide to App and Mobile Blackjack

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This guide will familiarize you with the devices you can use to play blackjack and how to get real money games on your mobile device. We'll also talk about some “just for fun” options for practicing your technique while winning real prizes and some helpful apps you can find to sharpen your game.

What Mobile Devices Can You Play Blackjack On?

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The three major mobile operating systems on the market today are Android, Apple's iOS, and Windows, and nearly every tablet or smartphone device made runs on one of these operating systems. Any device capable of running a relatively recent version of Android, iOS, or Windows should also be capable of playing real money blackjack online, as these games are not very demanding in terms of hardware requirements.

Android has the largest number of online blackjack games available, as it's now the most commonly used operating system worldwide. When it comes to Android, what matters most for blackjack isn't the power of your hardware (as video blackjack runs on almost anything) but how recent a version of Android your device supports. Most casinos will have a minimum requirement of Android 4.4 (KitKat) to use their app.

As far as Apple devices go, it's more about the hardware than the iOS version. Apple devices are built to be top-end and are usually years ahead of many other phones and tablets when they are released. This means casinos tend to support even the older devices. The only Apple devices you might have a problem with at some casinos are iPhones released before the iPhone 4 and the very first iPad. As long as your device can upgrade to at least iOS 7, you should be capable of using just about every online blackjack app out there.

Windows mobile device support is a little more hit-or-miss among online casinos. If you have a powerful and recent phone or tablet, like the HP Elite x3 or Surface Pro, you may be able to run the desktop/laptop Windows version of the casino software. This will also give you the greatest range of options and features.

So what about other devices, like a Blackberry running the native OS, or even a tablet running Linux? Or how about a Macintosh laptop that can't run iOS apps? No problem – just about every online casino that offers a mobile app also offers a browser-based version of their games. You can simply play through your web browser and still be able to wager real money. The downside of the browser-based casino is that some games lack features and options, but blackjack is so simple to run that it’s rarely an issue.

The one area where hardware becomes important is if you want to play video streaming blackjack with a live dealer. These games require considerably more bandwidth and a little better device horsepower to function properly. Most tablets will be able to handle these just fine, but you may find you need an upper-end phone to get them to work.

How Do You Install Online Casino Blackjack Apps?

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Online casinos typically include blackjack in their apps along with their full range of other games like slots, keno, video poker, and so on. The process for installing these apps varies between different operating systems.

Apple iOS devices have the simplest and most straightforward app installation process: it's either in the App Store or it’s not, and if it’s not you can't run it. Apple allows real money wagering apps in countries where online gambling is legal but blocks these apps in territories where it is not. If you cannot install a casino's iOS app, your next best bet is to try their “no download” browser-based version.

Android apps are similarly available through the Google Play Store, and this is the simplest and safest way to install them when available. Like Apple, Google will block real money wagering apps in territories where it is illegal. However, unlike iOS, Android can install “unsigned” apps that you directly download off the casino website. These unsigned apps come in the form of “.apk” files. It's important to do your due diligence and make sure the casino is reputable and safe before doing this as you can potentially contract malware on your device this way.

With Windows, as mentioned above, the more powerful devices (mostly tablets), might allow you to simply download the desktop/laptop software that every casino offers and run that instead of an app. However, this will heavily depend on the version of Windows you are running. You'll likely need either Windows 10 Mobile or a tablet running a version of the desktop operating system to pull this off. If this is not an option and the casino does not have an app designed for the more recent versions of Windows, you'll have to play by way of your web browser (or perhaps pick up a cheap Android device just for gaming).

If you can't install an app on your operating system, the process for playing through a web browser is pretty simple. Just sign up at the casino online, verify your identity, and sign in to the web portal to see a menu of games available. You'll want a recent version of one of the “big name” browsers like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari for safety and stability.

How About Playing Blackjack on Mobile for Fun?

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There are many options for practicing your game or merely playing blackjack for enjoyment.

The real money online casinos almost always offer a “free play” or “demo” mode of their blackjack games. No real money is on the line while playing these: it's just for fun and practice! However, you'll usually still need to create a casino account and verify your identity to play these. The casinos may put a daily limit on your “play money” allotment.

Another online option for “fun money” blackjack is with the various social casinos played through mobile apps or Facebook. You log into an account to play these but don't have to go through the screening procedure required at a real money casino–anyone can sign up and be playing within a minute. The way most social casinos work is by giving you a daily allotment of free chips and providing you with bonuses when you engage in different activities (like sharing wins with your friends or participating in limited-time challenges). Some even offer real rewards for your no-risk blackjack play!

Want to play blackjack offline? There are many apps available for that. The best ones require that you pay a small one-time fee, but you will not be bothered by advertisements or have to be logged into an account to play all you want. Check your operating system's app store and read reviews by users to find out which ones offer the features you want.

What Other Blackjack Apps Are There?

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Blackjack trainer apps are available to teach you everything from basic mathematical probability to how to count cards.

You can also get virtual “strategy cards” that tell you the best play for any given blackjack hand. You can keep these cards handy while playing on your mobile device or even take them with you to a brick-and-mortar casino.

The App and Mobile Blackjack Advantage

Mobile is the largest growth sector of online gaming, and online casinos love these players. If you sign up on a mobile device and become a regular player, you'll often find casinos offering you comps and rewards that are more generous than what non-mobile players are getting. The biggest tip is to check your mobile operating system version to make sure it is recent enough, and always access blackjack games from safe sources.

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