Progressive Jackpot Slots

IGT's Megabucks, a word synonymous with progressive jackpot slots, was first released in 1986. The game was quite different from the traditional single line payout machine and became an instant success on casino floors. In progressive slot jackpots, a small percentage of each player's bet was contributed to a burgeoning jackpot.

progressive slot jackpots

The total amount was usually sizable and displayed prominently on an electronic sign above the game. The concept proved irresistible to players. In fact, progressives became the most-played amusement in both online and offline casinos, and its originator, Megabucks, continues to benefit from the innovation. Today, banks of Megabucks games are linked between different casinos, and its evolution into the Powerbucks concept helped create machine linkages between Nevada and Atlantic City!

How Progressive Slot Jackpots Work

Progressive jackpots are an organic fit for online casinos and can offer some advantages over their offline counterparts. Firstly, players are theoretically unlimited. Secondly, the problem of blockading a machine is removed; because when the jackpot is unusually large on the casino floor, teams of players angle for an unfair advantage by congregating around the high payout machines. This cannot happen online. Finally, one can select from a much larger pool of progressives by simply conducting an online search.

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Most progressive jackpots require the player to place the maximum available bet to qualify. Should one not make the maximum bet but still hit the jackpot, the player gets a smaller fixed jackpot and the progressive dollar amount continues to grow

progressive slot machine

When a progressive jackpot hits, it resets to a base amount and regenerates. In most cases, this base amount is larger than any other possible jackpot on the machine. For example, the popular Wheel of Fortune games will usually reset to a base of either $100,000 or $200,000 after someone wins; an amount much higher than any other possible single win on the machine.

Obviously, it would not behoove the player to wager when the machine has just paid out; but this is a situation more commonly found in video poker than in slots.

megabucks machine

Tips to Help You Find the Best Progressive Slots

  • Play the maximum allowable bet
  • Find high-value jackpots
  • Join a players’ club
  • Play games that add the most to jackpots
  • Research payout histories


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