Now you can play poker for free or real money from your PC or mobile devices.

Online casinos and casino apps offer the same benefits of a Vegas poker room without the cost or the complications.


You can turn your PC or smartphone into a virtual poker room in minutes.


Online poker and casino apps offer:

  • Limit
  • No limit
  • Pot limit
  • Texas Hold Em
  • Omaha

Online casinos also offer unique games:

  • Mixed games, which offer a combination of three to seven different games at one table
  • Heads up tables, which are cash games limited to two people

If some of these games are new to you, it's your chance to learn how to play them for free.

Hone Your Poker Game at Online Card Tables

enjoy playing poker on your desktop

Playing poker from your desktop means much more than only playing poker from the comfort of home.

However, the real benefits of playing at online poker sites from a desktop are the ability to maximize time spent playing poker which allows a player to maximize their hourly rate.

The term hourly rate describes the amount of money won per hour.

Quite literally, the design of online poker sites helps players maximize their winnings.

Many more hands can be played per hour online because of the speed of the game and the automation of the dealer's actions.

Practice Can Reap Rich Rewards

When you log in, go to the lobby and find the free version of the game you want to learn.

At the free tables, you'll get free money, but from the rules to wagering, everything else is the same as in the real money version.

Practice at the play money tables, and move to the real money version after learning the game.

Enjoy Classic Stud and Other Gems

play variations of poker

Online poker lets you maximize your playing time and offers the freedom to play where and when you want.

Physical card rooms can be busy for only a few hours a day or have very long waiting lists to get into a game.

These problems don't occur online. Few tables have long lists, and if they do the lines move much faster that in a physical room.

    • Online you can find players at the tables all the time, around the clock
    • More tables mean you set your playing schedule and can find action when you are in the mood for action
    • Likewise, a player can find a wider selection of tables, game types, and stakes sizes to choose from

Variety Makes Gaming More Fun

  • Because of this bigger selection of games, online players don't get stuck at the same tables all night

At an online website, it is easy for a player to switch tables, following weaker players or getting away from professionals.

If one table starts to die down, go to the lobby and pick a different one.

Play Poker for Real Money and Enjoy Fun Desktop Gameplay

Here's the real secret why playing at home from the desktop is the most profitable way to play poker.

At online poker sites, like PokerStars, you can play for real money against some of the world's top players.

On a desktop, a player can play multiple tables at once.

Online, a player can play two, four, six or even eight tables at once. Some super experts have been known to play sixteen tables at once!

Think about the benefits from playing so many tables at the same time.

By playing four tables at the same time, a player gets four times as many hands, which means they have four times the opportunity to use their skill to overcome luck.

The more tables a player uses, the faster that player gets to the long run.

If a player gets unlucky at one table, the laws of mathematics suggest they will get lucky at the others.

Playing multiple players at once also allows a player to maximize the amount of bonus or VIP points collected.




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