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The Ultimate Guide to Roulette [2017 Update]

Roulette is a classic casino table game that is full of excitement. Unlike card games, roulette is great for interacting and celebrating with other players.

standard american roulette table

On the web, roulette offers players instant action and fun options not available at traditional casinos, including:

  • Stunning visual graphics
  • Multi-player wagering
  • Dynamic payouts with quick payouts

The game has many variations so you'll never get bored and always have something new to play.

The Basics

betting strategies

Roulette is a simple game to play, with a spinning wheel and a white ball. The ball bounces along the wheel's upper rim and then falls onto the wheel.

As the wheel slows and comes to a stop, the ball lands on one of 36 numbers. These numbers are either red or black (with the exception of two numbers that are green).

There are options for how you can bet in roulette. Most common is placings bets that the ball will land on:

  • One specific number
  • An odd or even number
  • A red or black number

It's important to know that the wheel has two green numbers, 0 and 00. If that ball lands on one of these numbers and you bet on odd/even or red/black, the house wins.

There are other less-specific options for betting in roulette. For example, you can wager on a range of numbers where the ball will land.

Tips and Strategies

best roulette tips

While roulette is fairly straightforward to play, advanced players use betting strategies that can lead to big wins.

These strategies turn the odds in the player's favor. Tilting the odds in roulette is usually achieved by spreading out wagers in order to increase your chances that the ball will land on a spot that pays well.

You can learn how to master the game and obtain sound betting tips by:

  • Reading well-reviewed strategy guides
  • Joining online forum discussions
  • Watching experienced players
  • Visiting sites that cover the basics of wagering

Statistics and probabilities have a significant role in roulette, but you don’t have to be a mathematics expert to play like a pro.

statistics and probabilities

With practice, you can master the subtle intricacies of winning at the wheel.

You'll advance beyond simple bets on red or black and odd or even to spreading out your wagers and plays for increased payouts.

You can learn the various game terminology, like pill, turret, and devil’s wheel, and the different ways it can be played on a large or small wheel.

Bonuses and Rewards

bonus rewards

Most online casinos encourage play by giving out free spins and other incentives. When you sign up for an online account at a casino offering roulette, you can use these spins to practice and perfect your game.

The best ways to find roulette bonuses are to:

  • Check top casinos for free offers
  • Sign up for email promotions
  • Join online gaming discussions for leads
  • Open gaming accounts with minimal or no deposits

If you win money from your complimentary plays, some casinos will actually let you withdraw your earnings.

online and live roulette

Online roulette affords all the fun and excitement of a live gaming experience at a Las Vegas casino.

Some internet games have live dealers who help to keep the action fun and flowing. Other bettors might join your table, and that makes it a socially interactive experience that could prove to be richly rewarding.

European Gold – Actual Gameplay

With the online interface, you will have a more visually stunning game experience with graphics and colors that no live table can match.

The combination of visual enhancements, live gaming with other players, and a live table croupier, making online gameplay more fun than the variety played on casino floors.

And with some skill and experience, it also might be more rewarding.


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