Types of Casino Bonuses

You can maximize your online gaming dollars with online casino bonuses, and special bonus offers on your deposits.

When you search for the top casinos offering the best bonuses, you can get extra proceeds that could turn into valuable rewards.

Most reputable online casinos will give deposit bonuses equal to half or even 100 percent of your initial deposit or deposits made after you initially register.

list of casino bonuses

With that additional money, you can play:

  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Slots
  • Horse racing
  • Sporting events

Online casinos give you every incentive to deposit money and play on their secure sites.

Dynamic payouts ensure you can collect your winnings, while first-rate security ensures your account remains safe.

Best and Worst Bonus Casinos of 2017

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You can get free cash when you play online casinos.

Online casinos often pay big cash bonuses for opening accounts and depositing additional funds into existing accounts.

The most common way to obtain additional gaming funds is with a special online casino bonus.

In many cases, an online casino will give you anywhere from about half your deposit up to double or maybe even more as a special reward.

You might have to deposit a minimum amount to get the free cash bonus, and the amount of the bonus can range in size, depending on the casino.

Return to Player (RTP) Percentage

Another factor is the return to player or RTP percentage formula. RTP refers to the percentage chance that the player will win, with a 100% RTP, the player's chances are equally matched with the casino's.

To get the biggest cash bonus at online casinos, you should:

  • Shop around for the best bonus
  • Research user reviews for sites offering large bonuses
  • Read the fine print to learn about any possible bonus restrictions
  • Seek out large bonuses for the lowest deposit amounts
  • Ask your friends who also play which bonuses are best
  • Learn about withdrawal requirements

Once you find the best casinos and deposit your funds, you can have hours of fun trying to grow your account.

In most cases, your bonus will be come in what essentially is free plays.

Your initial wager is covered, and if you win, whether playing slots, roulette, poker or some other game, anything you win becomes cash in your account.

Cashback Rebates

cashback casino rebates

You can play and win on the go, and get cash bonuses.

If you are like the many who love to play while on the go, mobile gaming enables play virtually anywhere your local laws allow mobile and online gaming.

Mobile gaming is done on your smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices, and operates the same as online casino gaming.

Your mobile browser accesses the gaming site, and you can play and win nearly anywhere.

Hit Frequency

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You don't have to deposit money to play and win cash online.

A lot of online casinos will give you a small stake from which you can play many of your favorite online casino games.

Starburst Slot: No-Deposit Play

Typically, those bonuses will range from about $5 U.S. dollars up to about $30 U.S. dollars for first-time players at an online casino.

You sign up, obtain your nominal free no-deposit bonus, and play free for as long as it lasts.

Any cash you win goes to your account, and that means you can withdraw it in most cases.

Earn Additional Cash Prizes

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The best thing about online casino bonuses is you are getting a much higher potential to win a lot of money.

That's because when you get cash bonuses, the online casino is:

  • Encouraging you to explore online gaming
  • Getting you to play games you might not ordinarily try
  • Enhancing your gaming experience
  • Rewarding you for choosing them

With that bonus money, you can lay more wagers and potentially win a lot of money.

Free Spin and No Deposit Bonuses

mobile casino no deposit bonus free spins

If you like exciting bonuses and playing slots, then you'll love free spin bonuses.

Many of the best online casinos provide free spins on their online video slots games.

When you get your free spins, the potential to win big casino bonuses is enormous.

Best Gambling Bonus of 2017 – Starburst Slots

Starburst bonus slots is a very popular online slot that you can play without risking your cash.

The Starburst Slots provide an energized version of classic slots. The online slots have five reels and ten pay lines, which can pay out up to 50,000 times your wager.

Stunning visual graphics make it the most popular video slot machine designed by Net Entertainment.

The ability to win a lot of cash quickly while risking little to none of your own, when you get bonus plays, make it the most popular slot devised by Net Entertainment.

Welcome, New Player or Sign-Up Bonuses

new player sign-up bonuses

Whether you play with free spins, get an additional cash bonus for depositing money into a gaming account, or sign up for no-deposit bonuses, you can turn free play and cash into rich rewards.

Many of the most popular online gaming sites will pay you to play at their online and mobile casinos.

You can maximize your potential plays, as well as the amount of money you can win.


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