Basics of Online Slots

The first online slots with real money wagering appeared in the mid 1990s along with the original online casinos. Around the same time, live casinos introduced video slots with five reels and 25 to 50 pay lines.

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Naturally, this style was adapted to online slot games as well and makes up the majority of slots you'll find on the internet.

Currently, some slot manufacturers release both online and live versions of their new games at the same time. Konami and IGT are two major companies that have a strong presence both online and on casino floors. There are also some popular slot developers that work entirely online, such as NetEnt.

Not every single slot game seen on casino floors is available online. However, you'll find most of the popular slots along with thousands of online-exclusive games.

Advantages of Online Slots

Online slots have a number of advantages over their live versions.

One of the biggest features is selection. There are far more options offered online than could be housed in even the biggest traditional gambling capitals of the world. And, many of the most popular games from casino floors have a virtually identical online version.

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Convenience and comfort are other important factors of internet gambling. If you're not a smoker, you're stuck with whatever small amount of slots a live casino puts in its non-smoking area.

At home, the climate is totally under your control. You're also not subject to the people who came to get intoxicated rather than play. And you don't have to worry about slow drink service and overpriced food.

Additionally, online casinos are frequently making their full slots lineup available through a mobile app or a web browser. This means that you're not tethered to a desktop or laptop, you can use your phone or tablet to play while on the move.

When you play slots online, you can also try out most (if not all) of a casino's games for free. Simply play for practice or fun and get used to the game without having to make a real money wager. You won't see this option at any live casinos!

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Playing online slots also has cost savings. Usually the most expensive part of a gambling trip is the hotels, transportation, and food. This is especially true if you're going to a popular place like Vegas on a crowded holiday weekend.

Finally, online play has the perk of exclusive slot bonuses. You can chip down the house advantage using unique bonuses such as deposit matching and no deposit free spins. Keep reading for more details.

Exclusive Slot Bonuses for the Web

At live casinos, you're usually expected to play through thousands of dollars before they begrudgingly reward you with a free buffet pass.

At online casinos, you can expect much more valuable bonuses. Some of which you'll get immediately after opening your account.

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The main bonus you can expect from online slots is an initial deposit matching bonus. You might also see these referred to as a welcome or sign-up bonus. Casinos will usually provide you with free play in an amount that equals up to 200% of your initial deposit.

However, there are some requirements. You'll have to wager through a certain amount (usually a multiple of the original deposit) before being able to withdraw any winnings from the bonus. Also, there may be a minimum deposit requirement.

No-deposit bonuses are also popular online. The only real equivalent in a live casino would be free play just for signing up for their player's card, but free play with no strings attached is becoming extremely rare. No-deposit bonuses are more common online. They usually give you a certain amount of free spins just for opening an account.

Online casinos also commonly offer smaller bonuses every time a player makes a new deposit. The amount will vary by casino and by deposit amount. These bonuses tend to run from 5% to 25% of the deposit.

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Given the superior bonus structure, convenience, and more favorable payouts of online slots, you might never feel the need to make a journey to a casino again!

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