High-Limit Poker

Many players think that high-limit poker games are reserved only for the rich and famous. Macau or the high-limit poker rooms of the Las Vegas.

But you don't have to fly to Macau or Las Vegas because the new home of big money poker is online.


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The richest high stakes poker games in the world, and even some of the biggest pots and poker hands in history have been played on the internet or mobile devices.

Every single day, high limit games with huge pots happen online.

With mobile technology, VIPs are playing high stakes poker games like no limit Texas Hold'em right from the palm of their hand.

The player rewards for high stakes poker online are some of the very best in the world.

The Best High Limit Apps and Sites

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In addition to all the normal concerns an online poker player has, like regulating agencies, site accreditation, and random number testing and certification, VIP high stakes players have special needs.

For example, Poker Stars has long been the gold standard when it comes to ‘nosebleed' stakes poker (nosebleed is a poker slang term that refers to stakes and bet sizes so high that they will give a player a nose bleed).

Here's the deal; for poker games of the very highest stakes, poker security must go beyond the normal elements like data and packet encryption, and SSL security for the cashier and browser windows.

Exclusive Rewards for High-Rollers

As a VIP, online casinos will offer you exclusive access to:

  • Signup bonuses
  • High limit deposit bonuses
  • Match deposit bonuses
  • Timed promotions
  • Exclusive customer service
  • VIP perks

High limit poker games involve a lot of money, and online casinos and casino apps want that money to be played with them, which is why they offer their high limit players the best rewards.

Even if you're not usually a high limit player, you can still take advantage of high limit online poker.

Physical casinos and poker rooms block off the highest stakes tables which prevent regular people from watching, enjoying, and learning from the game.

Online high limit poker rooms do exactly the opposite. As long as you are a member of a site, you can log on and watch these world class players battle it out over hundred of thousands of dollars.

Watch Nick Schulman Win $26,997 Playing Full Tilt Poker

High Limit poker sites also make sure players are not colluding, or playing out of the same bankroll.

Collusion is a form of cheating at poker and means that two players are acting together as a team at the same table. Sites employ a combination of live and electronic surveillance to catch cheaters in the act.

While PokerStars will not share how their security staff works to catch high stakes colluders, but the truth is they do catch them.

And the other high stakes poker and high roller poker sites use the same levels of extra security to protect the ‘nosebleed' games and VIP high roller players.

Rules and Strategies for Betting Big

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How do High Limit poker players make so much money online?

  • There are a lot of whales (a term for gamblers with millions of dollars to risk) online
  • The anonymous nature of screen names often induces people to play more wild than normal
  • There are more tournaments online than in real life poker
  • There are High Limit Poker tournaments, with prizes in the tens of thousands every single day online
  • Online, there are more High Limit Poker Games

For example, High Stakes poker tables spreading Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-Lo, Texas Hold Em, or Mixed Games, can be found at the best high limit poker sites.


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