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When online casinos debuted in the 1990s, you had to use a desktop computer to access them, and you had to download special software to log into the casino. Thankfully, that is no longer the case; no download casino games are now available everywhere.

Mobile device technology developed rapidly as well. So much so, that today most people prefer to use using tablets and smartphones for internet access. Online casinos have kept pace by offering mobile apps, but you still have to download an app and store it locally.

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Casinos also face the cost of developing a separate app for each operating system and that cost is invariably passed along to the consumer.

The one method that does not require a download is the use of a web browser. As long as players have a web browser that’s compatible and there’s an internet connection, they can access their accounts and make wagers.

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Player's Guide to No Download Casino Games

Initially the convenience of a web browser might seem like the superior way to access a casino, but there are some significant downsides. This guide will help you understand how browser-based casino games work and whether they are the best choice for your online casino needs.

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The Potential Pitfalls of No Download Casino Games

Playing casino games through a web browser offers a limited number of games. Casino software designed for a desktop or laptop is the most plentiful followed by mobile apps.

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Basically, browser-based games rely entirely on the internet connection to run, instead of using the local hardware to shoulder some of the load.

For simple games like slots and video poker, it’s not an issue. But when it comes to complex table games with multiple players like craps and poker, it can be a problem especially if players lack a strong internet connection and enough RAM on their computers.

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The other major issue is the lack of bonuses. Right now, players on mobile apps are the most sought after demographic for casino owners, particularly people using Android. The greater a casino’s desire for the market segment, the more lucrative signup and deposit bonuses it offers.

While casinos clearly want web browser players and will continue to make no download casino games available, the commercial reality is that the traditional demographic is not a priority, so the bonus offers are not as good.

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Who Plays These Games?

No download casino games are best for players on mobile devices who can't get the casino app like players using Blackberry's native OS. Casinos are not offering as many apps for this operating system, which means the web browser is the only option.

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Another issue is playing in territories where online wagering is prohibited. It can be difficult to get the casino app in these areas, especially on Apple devices because the player must go through Apple's app store, which will not approve gambling apps.

What Games Are Available?

Technically, a casino can offer any of its games through a web browser. They don’t because of the inevitable technical problems that come from end users who do not have strong internet or enough RAM to run the games. Instead of fielding these complaints, they opt to just cut the more complex games entirely from the web browser mode.

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At minimum, however, you can expect to see the following game categories on any no download casino games you encounter:

  • Slots (except those that have very advanced graphics / bonus rounds)
  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Keno
  • Scratch Cards

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Are No Download Casino Games Safe?

If the casino is properly regulated, the web browser games should be just as safe as any other online version. A reputable casino encrypts your transmissions using the SSL protocol which prevents other people on the network from accessing your information.

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Got A Web Browser? You Got A Game

No download casino games aren't the best choice in every situation, but it’s a guaranteed way to play as long as you have a web browser and an internet connection. If your game of choice is slots, blackjack or video poker, you'll enjoy the same smooth gameplay and features that you do with other versions of the casino software.




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