iPad Casinos

Apple's iPad ushered in the tablet revolution and is an excellent tool for playing casino games for iPad and other devices.

That’s because it combines the power of a top-line desktop computer and the mobility of a smartphone.

That makes it really easy to play free iPad casino games and other great games nearly anywhere you go.

With high-definition graphics, fast processing speeds and a large video screen, iPad casino games are among the best to play for fun or real money.

You can play free casino slot games for iPad, and other fun games of chance virtually anywhere and enjoy the same excitement you might encounter on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Player's Guide to iPad Casino Fun

mobile gambling faqs

This guide will walk you through getting set up with online casinos so that you can play mobile casino games for iPad.

You'll learn about technical requirements and territorial limitations that you might face when you want to do more than play free iPad casino games.

Once finished, you should be able to play the best free casino games for iPad and other games of chance.

Which iPad Will Run Online Casinos?

The fourth generation iPad, iPad Air series and iPad Mini series all should be able to run any online casino games comfortably, right out of the box.

iphone casinos

The second-generation iPad may also work, provided the operating system has been updated to at least iOS 6.0.

The first-generation iPad usually doesn't work, as casinos tend to require at least iOS 6.0 to run the best free casino games for iPad.

Unfortunately, the first-generation iPads can't be updated past iOS 5.1.1.

Yet, there might be a handful of exceptions among the thousands of casinos available online that support free casino slot games for iPad devices running the first-generation operating system.

Updating iOS is free and can be done by going to the “Settings” menu, then “General” and “Software Update” while connected to the Internet.

How Do I Install Casino Apps on My iPad?

apple itunes store casino apps

Unlike most other devices, Apple requires their users to install all apps through iTunes.

Apple screens and approves all apps that iTunes and the Apple Store host.

Apple has a strict policy preventing real-money gambling apps from displaying on iTunes in territories where they are outlawed.

So if online gambling is forbidden in your country, state or province, you won't be able to download an iPad casino app.

The issue can apply to different territories within the country, depending on local laws.

For example, in the United States you legally can gamble online only in Nevada and in Atlantic City.

In other parts of the United States, you still can play the best free casino games for iPad, because you only play for fun and do not risk cash.

If you aren't able to install and iPad casino app, you may still be able to play on your iPad if the online casino has a browser-based version.

You can use Safari, Dolphin or any similar web browser to play this way.

Enjoy iPad Casino Fun

iOs virtual casino slots

Thanks to their power, quality and graphics, iPads make terrific platforms for online gaming.

In fact, they are very similar to the experience you get playing on a desktop or laptop computer.

With an iPad you enjoy the portability and touch screen controls, making it even more user-friendly.

As long as you have an iPad that is capable of running iOS 6.0 or better, you'll be in the game.


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