Casino Promo Codes and Coupons

Online casinos take a modern approach to player's club marketing, unlike traditional casinos who still use the postal service to send out offers. Virtual casinos use email, of course, but they also have a strong social media presence worthy of investigation.

The trick to taking advantage of the latest casino promo codes and coupons is knowing where to find them. In this guide, we will explain how casinos promote these offers and how you can position yourself to get them.

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There are five ways to receive online casino promo codes and coupons:

  • Emails from casinos after opening an account
  • Referral codes from a website or social media account
  • Coupon aggregator sites like RetailMeNot
  • Special offers on a casino's website or social media accounts
  • Coupon books like The American Casino Guide

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Casino Promotions for Existing Players

Both live and online casinos reward their player's club members with comps and discount offers by mail. The schedule is unpredictable, but in general the more money, you wager, and the more you play games where the house has an edge, the larger and more frequent these offers will be.

Online casinos will periodically send you a small amount of free play for any game or free spins for slot machines. If a new slot game debuts or the casino wants to drive traffic to an existing game, they will also send free spin comps.

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Referral Code Bonuses

Just about every online casino has a welcome bonus for new members. However, some casinos partner with affiliate websites to offer a better than average signup reward. You will only get this incentive if you use the partner site's referral code or link.

Casinos offer this partnership to sites that are frequented by a targeted demographic. It then promotes the deal on its web pages, blogs, social media posts, or its newsletter.

Are there better signup bonuses available elsewhere? Yes, if you monitor casino industry and review sites. You can also do a Google search for “exclusive bonus” “exclusive code” or “exclusive coupon” along with the casino's name.

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Coupon Aggregator Sites

Browsing sites like RetailMeNot that collect coupon codes from around the web can prove very successful. Search in “casino games” category, and you will find a lot of casino codes and coupons for no deposit bonuses, signup bonuses, free spin and gift offers.

RetailMeNot is the largest of this type of site, but similar sites like Fatwallet, Slickdeals, and ShopAtHome also offer coupons.

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Direct Posted Offers

Online casinos always post welcome and reload bonus offers. They also have time-sensitive or seasonal promotions that offer something extra for new and existing players alike if you use a coupon code.

In addition to the casino's main website, see what kind of social media accounts they have. Sometimes they only post special offers through venues like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Coupon Books

The American Casino Guide is a popular annual publication. It is primarily a travel guide to casinos throughout the United States, but many people buy it because it has exclusive coupons.

Online casinos also put promo codes and coupons in the Guide, even though online gambling is illegal in much of the United States. Some of the offers are from casinos overseas, so U.S. residency is not an issue, and there are coupons from states like New Jersey where online gambling is legal.

Final Thoughts

We all know the house has a small edge on every bet you make. Coupons are the great equalizer. When you play with the house's money, you have a temporary advantage. So devote some time to hunting down the best codes and coupons and put the odds in your favor.


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