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BlackBerry™ remains a popular mobile brand and online casinos continue to offer apps for these devices. However, BlackBerry devices installed with the native OS operating system are dwindling as the company has repositioned itself to offer only Android-based models in the future. The most recent release, BlackBerry OS 10 is its final incarnation and the company has discontinued further development.

While there are still many legitimate BlackBerry casinos that offer free gambling apps and real money casino games, the assortment is significantly less than with any other mobile operating system. Casinos are also likely to first drop support for their existing BlackBerry apps as the original brand heads toward obsolescence.

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Player's Guide to BlackBerry Casinos

The app required to play at a casino will depend on the operating system. In the past, all BlackBerry devices shipped with the company's native OS installed. In recent years, however, it has shifted to Android installations on certain devices. There will come a time in the not too distant future where all BlackBerry products will run with Android exclusively.

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The native BlackBerry OS must be upgraded to OS10 so that it is compatible with most casinos. Unfortunately, the BlackBerry design precludes removing and replacing the OS system with something like Android.

If a BlackBerry device has Android as its OS, it’s quite straightforward to install the casino's Android app. Any BlackBerry device made within the last two or three years is compatible with these apps. Where online gambling is legal, it’s possible to install the app through the Google Play store; otherwise, the casino makes it available on their public website complete with installation and setup instructions.

Mobile Gambling Tips for Beginners

If this is your first time gambling on your BlackBerry, follow these steps to register your new account and make your initial deposit:

  • Launch the cashier from the casino lobby (often the casino's homepage)
  • Click “deposit” to add money to your new player account
  • If you have a bonus code, enter it when prompted
  • Pick a deposit method to add money: you can add money via credit or debit cards, bank transfers, or transfers from online wallets like Netteller or Skrill
  • After the money is in your account, go back to the BlackBerry casino lobby

That's it! In only a few minutes, your account is active and ready for use.

Some casinos may require additional verification, such as a copy of your photo ID and a document that has your address on it. Make sure your address on the document matches your banking address. The casino asks for this info to protect your money and your identity.

Web Browser Casinos

A number of casinos offer a “BlackBerry version”, which is not to be confused with a BlackBerry app. It’s actually a bit of misdirection on the part of the casino because the version is just another incarnation of the game that can be played in a browser. The only real downside is the absence of game variety on this platform

How Are The Games On BlackBerry Devices?

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Online casino games run well on modern BlackBerry devices. Though BlackBerry is discontinuing its internal hardware production arm (the DTEK60 is expected to be the final device it manufactures), its licensees still produce high-end products aimed at the business consumer. The hardware is eminently capable of running any type of game.

There may be problems with older BlackBerry devices that run outdated versions of the native OS. In fact, If the older BlackBerry can’t be upgraded to OS 10, a new mobile device is essential to access online casinos.

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BlackBerry Slots

Most BlackBerry casinos have a vast selection of slot machines.

Some BlackBerry slots will be jackpot games, some will have bonus rounds, and others will be simple pay line machines.

Each slot machine will have a button that links to the slot machine's pay table.

  • Jackpot slots offer a larger than usual prize if a player hits the rarest combo on the wheel
  • Progressive Jackpot slots are linked machines and can build up massive jackpot prizes
  • Bonus game slot machines often feature animated bonus rounds when the player hits a special combination
  • Slot bonuses might range from free spins to shooting galleries with prize money for hitting the target
  • Pay line machines are the most basic slots and pay out different prize amounts for various symbol combinations

Is BlackBerry the Best Choice for Mobile Casino Players?

BlackBerry still has a legion of fans. It continues to get high praise for its features and the industry-best mobile keyboard. Unfortunately, BlackBerry also has well below one percent of worldwide market share for devices using the native OS. So, it just doesn't make good business sense for online casinos to support it.

The BlackBerry app store offers game titles for the following BB smartphones: Priv, Curve, Passport, Z3, Torch, Bold and newer BlackBerry smartphone models.

BlackBerry enthusiasts will either have to upgrade an Android BlackBerry or purchase an affordable Android tablet just for gameplay. Savvy players can easily recoup the new hardware cost because online casinos offer welcome bonuses exclusively to players who sign up through an Android app.

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