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Windows is the best platform on which to play poker. Every serious poker site and online casino offers software for it and this software always has the largest possible range of games and features. With the enhanced power of a Windows desktop or laptop, you can also run all sorts of additional programs that will give your game a serious edge.

The Player's Guide to Windows Poker

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This guide will assist you in getting real money Windows poker games up and running on your PC. We'll also guide you through running Windows on your tablet. There are many advanced options you can take advantage of once you become a proficient player, which we'll review for both free practice and real money tables.

How Do I Get Started With Windows Poker?

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You can download poker software on a Windows desktop or laptop. The two key technical concerns are the kind of hardware the computer has and what version of Windows it is running.

As far as hardware, poker sites and casinos usually aren't too demanding. To give you an example, PokerStars currently lists its minimum processor requirement as a Pentium 800 – a processor that was first released in 1999!

Generally speaking, you will need a minimum of half a gigabyte of RAM and a small amount of free hard drive space. Of course, those are the minimum requirements, but any Windows computer or laptop, even budget models, released in the last few years will have more than enough capacity to handle any online poker software at full speed.

Poker sites are also often flexible on the versions of Windows you can use—sometimes even going back as far as Windows 95 in their support. However, for safety and security, it would probably be best to use Windows 8.1 or newer. Older versions of Windows no longer receive security patches and updates. Since keeping your personal information is a priority, you need as many firewalls as possible—so it is best to stick to newer versions.

If you plan to use the expert software described below, you'll definitely want more than the minimum system requirements, as well as a modern version of Windows. The support software will be more demanding in terms of system requirements than the standard poker site software. You don't need a top-of-the-line PC for this, however—even budget laptops released within the last couple of years have enough power to satisfy the most demanding player.

When you've got your system requirements sorted out, simply visit the poker sites you are interested in to download and install their Windows software directly. After successful installation, you'll connect to the site and begin to play by initializing the software.

If you have a recently released Windows tablet, you may also be able to download Windows software from casinos and poker sites. Keep in mind that the process will work best with higher-end tablets like the Surface Pro.

Windows Poker for Experts

Expert poker players can take advantage of the added power of Windows systems to enhance their game and profits in many different ways.

For example, multi-tabling is common among those who can comfortably keep track of more than one game simultaneously. Playing multiple tables at once allows good players to augment their expected profit without having to increase their stakes or face tougher competition. It's much easier to do this on a Windows PC than any other platform, especially if you add a second monitor to manage your play.

Poker pros also run a variety of software in the background that keeps records and provides useful information on opponents. Hand trackers keep a tally of your own play for analysis, as well as creating a record of opponents in order to find patterns and repeated mistakes in their game.

Opponent statistics can be overlaid on poker tables in real time using a HUD. Advanced poker players can also benefit from software that automatically logs their profit and loss, and hand analysis tools that suggest the best course of action based on the current visible cards.

Free Poker for Windows

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Windows has the widest range of options for practicing your game for free. In addition to countless games that let you play against the computer using Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can also play free live games at sites like The World Series of Poker and Zynga.

The Big Players in Windows Real Money Poker

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Playing through Windows gives you access to the biggest and best poker sites in the world, including PokerStars, Party Poker, America's Cardroom, 888Poker, Ignition Poker and Sky. Your options are not limited to them, however. If a poker site or online casino offers poker, they undoubtedly support Windows.

Windows Poker: The Superior Way to Play

Windows poker gives you the smoothest and most feature-rich games, as well as the widest range of possibilities. For real professionals looking to make their living from poker play, it's the only way to go.

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