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Own a Windows phone? You've got a lot of roulette opportunities at your fingertips. With a Windows phone, a wide variety of both real money and “just for fun” options is available to you. You have the option of taking any of the three routes the Windows operating system supports: playing roulette through an app, through a browser, or even, if your device is powerful enough, through the casino’s desktop or laptop software.

The Player's Guide to Windows Phone Roulette

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This guide will cover what hardware and software you need to get started with roulette on a Windows phone. We'll explore the various ways that you can play at online casinos through your phone and how to set them up. We’ll look at some of the alternatives to a Windows phone as well as the best strategies for playing roulette on your phone.

What Windows Phone Do You Need for Real Money Roulette?

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The Windows Phone has had a convoluted history. Unlike their mobile rivals Android and iOS, Windows has failed to stick to one strong identity for their mobile offerings. They started with Windows Mobile then transitioned to Zune before eventually releasing the Windows Phone. Even the base Windows Phone model is outdated and has been discontinued at this point. As of this writing, the most up-to-date version is Windows 10 Mobile. The primary brands of modern Windows phone are the Microsoft / Nokia Lumia, the BLU Win HD, and the HP Elite.

A few casinos still support Windows 8.1 (from the period when the operating system was called Windows Phone). However, to simplify things as much as possible, if you want to play roulette on a Windows phone, you should use one with Windows 10 Mobile installed. This ensures you will be compatible with the mobile Windows apps that casinos offer.

How Online Casinos Work on Windows Phones

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Many online casinos ask Windows phone users to access their games through apps they make available in the Microsoft Store. Some might ask you to download an app directly from their website. Though there are some legitimate casinos that do this, use extra caution in these cases and carefully check the casino's reputation for safety and security.

A Windows mobile app is not the only way for Windows phone users to play roulette for real money. Just about all casinos offer no download versions that you can play through a web browser like Edge or Chrome. These don't require you to install an app. No download casinos usually have a slightly smaller overall selection of games, but their roulette table offerings are typically the same as what you would find on an app.

Finally, there's the possibility of running a casino's desktop or laptop software on your phone. This is something that owners of high-end Windows phones (like the Lumia 950 XL or the HP Elite x3) can look into. Using Microsoft's Continuum feature, it is possible to run some desktop software on a Windows phone. This gives you the best of both worlds—the widest selection of games and features in the smallest portable package!

Alternatives to the Windows Phone for Roulette

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Google's Android and Apple's iOS are the two big alternatives to Windows Mobile for those who want to play roulette on their phone. Apple's iOS is exclusive to their iPhone series, and there's no way to install it on other devices.

However, it is possible to install Android on some compatible Windows phones. You can even “dual boot” the two operating systems so you can choose which one you want to use when you turn the phone on. This would allow you to access both Windows and Android roulette games. The “dual boot” capability is more common on older phones than newer ones (particularly HTC phones) and involves downloading Android to a microSD card to install it.

What Is the Best Roulette Strategy on a Windows Phone?

Roulette odds on a Windows phone game are the same as what you’ll find in a casino. The house edge on nearly every bet is the same, so in the long run it makes no difference if you stick with a single number, or do it like Wesley Snipes and always bet on black. However, those single number wins will be fewer and farther between, so if your gaming budget is tight it makes more sense to stick with the “even money” outside bets.

Be wary of betting systems. Though some show great results in the short term, none has ever tested out to consistently beat the game in the long term. If you want to test out a betting system that intrigues you, find a nice free roulette app on the Microsoft store and test the system using play money first.

The Advantage of Windows Phone Roulette

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Thanks to its versatility, with a powerful Windows phone you have the widest possible range of roulette options in your pocket.



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