Vegas Slots

Want the thrill of Las Vegas gambling without the travel expense or time away from work? You can play the best Vegas slots online, anytime and anywhere!

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The Strip's full range of slot games can be found on the web, including:

  • Video slots with dozens of pay lines
  • Classic three-reel machines
  • Progressive jackpot games, community bonus games, and online exclusives

You'll also find internet versions of some of the hottest licensed slot properties like Wheel of Fortune, Family Guy, and Titanic.

The Most Popular Slots in Vegas

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Wheel of Fortune

No casino floor is complete without Wheel of Fortune slots. This machine was first introduced in 1997, and 20 years later, you'll still see it in every traditional casino.

Wheel of Fortune was one of the first Vegas slots to introduce the “community bonus”. This bonus links multiple machines into a bank. When any one player hits the bank during their play, the game gives every other player a bonus round.

You won't have the game's hallmark wheel spinning in your living room, but you can still enjoy the same shared bonuses and massive progressive jackpots while playing on your computer.

Also, there are Wheel of Fortune slot variations that are available to internet gamblers only. These online exclusives include the Triple Extreme Spin and Ultra Five Reels versions.


Monopoly is another essential Vegas slot. The board game is a timeless favorite, and the casino version is just as exciting. It has all the familiar features, like going to jail and buying Park Place, but its biggest appeal is that it offers tons of bonuses!

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Even if you don't see it right away, you can't be on a Vegas casino floor for long without hearing the call of “Buffalooo!” The Buffalo slot game is massively popular due to its visual effects, audio delights, and progressive incredible jackpots.

Buffalo slots are great about rewarding you with small wins to keep you in the game while you chase the ultimate prize. The original Buffalo machine is a staple of Vegas slots, and there are new variations, such as Moon, Gold, and Stampede. Each of these adds a new wrinkle to the classic game.

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Lion's Share

Lion's Share was one of the first slot games installed at the current MGM Grand in Vegas when it was opened in the early 1990s. MGM gradually phased out all of these machines over the years. However, one Lion's Share machine became a legend because it refused to pay out its progressive jackpot for nearly 20 years!

The progressive had no upper limit or mandatory payout threshold, and MGM decided to wait until the jackpot was hit before they put it out of commission. The Vegas slot with a streak that lasted two decades eventually paid out a jackpot of $2.4 million dollars. A lucky couple from New Hampshire hit the payout in August of 2014, and MGM finally retired the machine in peace. Though Lion's Share is no longer on their casino floor, you can find it at a number of different online casinos.

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Advantages of Vegas Slots Online

There are many advantages to playing the virtual versions of popular Vegas casino slots. For one, you don't have to hunt for a seat or wander through different casinos looking for your favorite game. You also don't have to deal with cigarette smoke if that's not your thing.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is bonuses. Instead of hoping for paltry comps after putting thousands of dollars in a machine, you can start enjoying free play right away with deposit matching bonuses. Some online casinos even offer no deposit bonuses that get you straight into the game with free spins.

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