Want to Play Slots on Your Tablet?

If you're a modern gambler, online casinos really want to win your business because you can play from anywhere in the world. The market and competition are hotter than ever for this growing sector of gaming, and there's no better way to play slots than with the larger screens and superior hardware of a tablet. Whether you're playing on an iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab or a Google Pixel tablet device, there are dozens of tablet slots for all types of players.

Whether you want to improve your gambling skills with a free practice app or if you're ready to win real money playing casino slots, you'll learn what you need to know by the time you're finished reading this article.

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Most tablet users are on either Apple's iPad or one of the numerous tablets that have Google's Android operating system. You'll find the widest range of casino apps for these two systems since they dominate tablet market share. However, there are also app options for Windows tablets.

And regardless of what device you have, you can forego apps altogether and play tablet slots directly from your web browser.

Tablet Requirements for Casino Games

Fortunately, it doesn't take a very powerful tablet to play even the newest slot games.

Online casinos have minimal hardware requirements. If you have a tablet made in the last few years, you're almost certain to be able to run any casino's app or play slots through their website. However, if you have an older tablet or a low-end budget tablet, check the casino's website for a “system requirements” or “tablet requirements” section to see the minimum specs they recommend for their games.

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As long as your hardware is on point, you'll just need a compatible operating system. Just about every casino that offers a mobile app will support Android and iOS, and an increasing amount are offering Windows apps. If you have a Windows tablet, you may be able to install the casino's desktop software on it. This would guarantee you access to their full range of games.

If you have the proper operating system, update to the most current version. You'll experience higher quality gaming with less technical glitches. If you've been using your tablet for a few years without updating the main platform, it could be too out of date for a casino's app.

Downloading Tablet Slot Apps

The method you use to download a casino app will vary depending on your operating system and location.

Most people will be using an Android or iOS tablet. These operating systems have their own native app stores. App stores are the safest way to install apps, and casinos will generally feature their apps in the store.

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The only reason that a tablet slots game may be unavailable in an app store is if you are in a territory where online gambling is illegal. In these cases, the casinos will either offer a limited version of the app that doesn't allow real money wagers or the app simply won't be available.

With Android and Windows devices, it is possible that a casino will ask you to install their app through a direct download from their site rather than through an app store. While this is not automatically a risk, it is a red flag indicating that you should take a closer look at the casino's credentials and reputation.

Of course, there's an alternative to using apps. If the casino makes the games you want available through a web browser, you won't need to download or install anything on your device. You can play slots on your tablet with only an internet connection!

Advantages of Playing Slots on a Tablet

Compared to a smartphone, tablets give you a bigger screen and a more immersive gambling experience. It's really just as good as the desktop or laptop experience, except you can take a tablet with you anywhere you go. Enjoy tablet slots on the train, bus, or even while you take a quick break!

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The other big advantage is that playing on a tablet counts as being a mobile user. Why is that important? Because online casinos are making some of their best bonus offers available only to players who sign up with their mobile app. By making smart use of these offers, you can really cut down the natural house advantage built into slots and greatly increase the odds that you'll walk off with a jackpot!

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