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Don't Forget Coupon Sites

You might not immediately connect coupon sites to online casinos. Coupon aggregator sites like Retailmenot, Groupon, and RefDesk have no policies forbidding gambling-related coupons, however—some even have sections specifically devoted to casino offers! It's also worth taking a look at the American Casino Guide website for online casino codes. The print version of the guide focuses on land-based casinos, but a lot of online casinos have an advertising relationship with them and post coupons that are available to the general public.

Keep in mind that most of these sites allow anyone to post codes—similar to the way Wikipedia allows anyone to edit their pages. The practice means that codes may not work, might be outdated, or may be tied to certain tier levels or player accounts at the casino. It usually doesn't hurt to give them a try, though, especially when you find coupon codes that can be used by existing players.

Can I Sign Up With Many Different Casinos Just To Use Their Welcome Promo Codes?

Technically, yes, you can. However, you'll find it probably isn't nearly as lucrative as you think.

Taking advantage of signup offers and then moving on to a new casino is a time-honored tradition called “bonus whoring” that dates back to the first casinos to appear on the internet. Casinos have long since become wise to the strategy, and abuse of signup bonuses is the primary reason why current welcome bonuses have such high playthrough requirements attached to them.

If you do the math, you'll find that playing slots at multiple casinos just to get their welcome bonus doesn't work out to enough of an advantage to be worth the time or effort. In fact, you could very well lose money in the end. Online casinos are much more cautious now about how much free credit they extend to new players, saving their generous offers for those who remain loyal.

Sites like Golden Palace used to be famous for offering outrageous promotions. People could theoretically make a living off of bonus whoring, but those days are long gone and they’re not coming back. If you're a dedicated slots player, you'll find you get much more in the way of rewards and perks by picking a small handful of sites that you enjoy and concentrating your play there. The loyalty offers you rack up over time are almost certainly guaranteed to be more lucrative than their welcome bonus alone.

What's the Best Strategy for Playing Slot Promo Codes and Coupon Bonuses?

Under ideal circumstances, the strategy for playing through a bonus at a slot machine is to simply find the one that pays out the most and then hope for the best. That's a little more complicated than it sounds, however.

Unlike video poker, casinos usually don't publish a “pay table” for slot machines. If the slot is an old-school, three-reel variety, however, or a video slot that doesn't employ separate bonus rounds, it is still possible to mathematically derive the expected payback simply by observing the machine for long enough.

This website can give you the resources to figure out the calculations.

But most modern slot machines are the video variety that includes separate bonus rounds—and that's where things get complicated. Without having something called a “PAR sheet,” you can't derive much information about the probability of these bonus rounds, and therefore you can't determine the machine's theoretical payback percentage. PAR sheets are an industry secret that slot manufacturers rarely release to the public.

Slot Promo Codes and Bonus Coupons For The Casual Player

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The best recommendation is to just to play the games that you find most enjoyable and the most comfortable to navigate. If you are enjoying yourself, whether or not bonus funds turn into a big jackpot is immaterial. One thing you can do to increase your advantage is to try out various slots in the “free spin” mode and see which ones tend to go into the bonus round most often. Video slots with separate bonus rounds usually provide the majority of their payback through those rounds, so the more often they trigger, the higher the expected return of the game.

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