Roulette Codes and Coupons

When playing at virtual roulette tables, codes and coupons can afford you a small edge over the house. These coupons and codes provide you with bonus funds and free spins that help you cut into the house's natural advantage. With the right bonuses, it's possible to shift the advantage into your hands.

The Player's Guide to Roulette Codes and Coupons

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This guide will cover the different types of available roulette codes and coupons. We'll also discuss the pros and cons of “coupon hunting” at many different online casinos, as well as some strategies to help stretch your bankroll as far as possible.

What Kind of Roulette Codes and Coupons Are Available?

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The primary form of code is called a “referral code.” These codes are given to websites that promote casinos and are sometimes given to individual players for referring other gamers.

A referral code may either be a link to the casino with a unique identifier or a code you enter when creating a new account. Either way, it identifies the party that referred you so the casino can give them a bonus. The casinos try to entice players to use these codes by offering free play and free spins for using them.

If you sign up with a casino that offers bonuses for individual referrals, they may require that your referrals deposit or wager a certain amount of money before you get your end of the bonus.

Some casinos also provide their own promotional codes during the signup process. These codes will usually be advertised on their website, but you may also see them in banner ads on other websites. Why would casinos force you to find and enter a code rather than just give you the bonus for signing up? The casino may be offering multiple signup bonuses to choose from, so you enter the code you prefer. The casino may also want to track the success of a new advertising strategy and use the codes to assess player engagement.

Online casinos may also offer temporary or seasonal promo codes for their existing customers. These can add an extra bonus when you make a top-up deposit. These are most commonly offered by email, in person at the casino, or on the casino website.

Codes and coupons aren't always specifically for roulette. Casinos may also offer free-play credit or free spins that can be used in a variety of games. Free spin offers are typically restricted to slot machines, but on occasion promotional offers let players take some free spins at the roulette tables.

Instead of free play, you may also get “match play” offers that are good at roulette tables. These are coupons that you can redeem to give your winnings a boost. For example, a common roulette match play coupon is one that boosts an “even money” bet from a 1:1 payout to 2:1. Each of these coupons can only be redeemed once.

Should You Use Roulette Coupons at Multiple Casinos?

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Novice online gamblers often think they'll make big money by hopping between the hundreds of online casinos, taking advantage of their promotions and moving on. This used to be a viable way to make a lot of money in the very early days of internet casinos. It’s been more than a decade since those practices have been effecitvely lucrative.

Even with the boost granted by a promotional code, welcome bonuses usually have to be played through so many times that you won't wind up with much profit in the end (unless you hit an extremely lucky streak). Regardless of the bets you make or the wagering strategy you employ, you can expect to lose some of your money. Anticipate losing a little over 1% of all of your money wagered at the most favorable roulette tables, and a little over 5% at the least favorable ones. While it may sound worthwhile to take advantage of a generous initial bonus, keep in mind that you'll need enough of a bankroll to pull you through potential losses as you meet the wagering requirements.

Casinos also monitor player activity and are not keen on “bonus abusers” who get away with their money. If you just play enough to meet bonus requirements and leave, you may not only find your old account suspended, but other casinos won't let you open ones. The really interesting offers are reserved for loyal players who the casino views as a good investment. Using codes and coupons wisely and consistently can afford you a positive reputation among your favorite casinos.

Basic Strategies for Maximizing Your Roulette Bankroll

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The best advice for stretching your roulette bankroll is to not waste any of it on “systems” that claim to be able to beat the game. There has never been a roulette system capable of a consistent positive return when subject to rigorous mathematical testing. If it was truly possible to beat the game, casinos would shut down all of their roulette tables overnight.

When it comes to wagers, it often surprises people to learn that the edge is the same for nearly every bet on the table. While you might think betting on a single number gives the house the greatest advantage, the bet with the highest house edge is actually the “first five” offered at American (00) tables.

Why is that? The probability of winning when betting one unit on multiple numbers versus any single number is of course higher in the short term. House edge is calculated not just by that probability, but also by how much each bet pays out. The whopping 35:1 standard payout for hitting a single number compensates the player over time just as much as the smaller 2:1 payout for the outside bets, so they have the same house edge. The “first five” bet is the worst because it only pays out 6:1, proportionally less than any other bet on the table. In other words, you'd be better off putting a single chip on five different numbers than you would putting five chips on the “first five.”

Keep the Wheel Spinning with Codes and Coupons

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It's definitely wise to look for the best code and coupon offers before signing up with a new casino, but you should also look for a venue that you'll want to play regularly. Due to the terms and conditions, there's little point in cashing in a promotional code bonus or coupon just to spin that amount at the roulette table and never play at that location again. Consistent play at one casino and moving up through the loyalty club tiers tends to bring many more lucrative codes and coupons to your inbox.

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