No Deposit Bonus Slots

Casinos offer complimentary “no deposit” bonuses simply for creating an account. The player need not deposit any money, but the bonus is actualized as free play or free spins.

Importantly, no deposit bonus slot rewards usually aren't 100% free, as the casino could not profit in the long term with this model. When free play is awarded, any derived winnings cannot be withdrawn until there is a certain amount of real money wagered. Some free spins may actually be free, but they are few and locked to certain games. Additionally, there may be a cashout limit of approximately one hundred dollars.

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How to Redeem Your Slot Bonuses

There's almost always a wagering requirement to collect any winnings from free play. While there exists no risk in using free play, the projected total winnings need to be weighed against the playthrough requirement to determine if it's a course worth pursuing.

For example, a player receives $20 of free play as a no deposit bonus. But one needs to wager 20x that amount or $400 before any payout is realized. Should that player hit a $500 jackpot, it's clearly worthwhile to play through house’s $400 investment. The winnings, no matter the size, come without personal cost.

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Whether it is wise to continue playing on a smaller $50 jackpot, for example, depends on two things. What is slot game and what is its expected payback percentage? Sometimes it’s not possible to discern the exact percentage because that information is proprietary. But the industry standard is 90% for classic reel slots and 85% for video slots.

This next example constructs a hypothetical scenario where $50 is won with free play but now the player must wager $400 of real money before any withdrawal. If the payback percentage on is about 90%, then the odds say the player will receive about $360. Due to volatility, that number fluctuates. — the player may hit another big jackpot or lose $150. According to probability and expected return, however, it makes sense play through that $400, since the $50 of free play should cover the anticipated loss. Finally, losing some money is well within the realm of probability.

How to Redeem No Deposit Slot Bonuses

When an online casino offers free spins as a no deposit bonus, they usually don't attach a wagering requirement to the winnings. But the house will only give the player a small amount or restrict play to a handful of machines that feature lower payback percentages and/or smaller major jackpots. Check the terms and conditions first because some casinos do require a wagering requirement for any free spin winnings.

Free Spin Bonuses

If the player can choose which game to use free spins, it's usually most efficient to find one that has a lucrative bonus round and makes it available expeditiously. For example, look for a game where the bonus round can be activated at any time, rather than one where one must collect a certain amount of tokens or objects to initiate it.

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Lower volatility is better for a free play bonus or a free spin bonus with a wagering requirement attached. Whereas higher volatility is more effective when the player accumulates a number of free spins without any requirements attached.

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Three Types of No Deposit Slot Bonuses

Bonus code: To redeem a slot bonus code, simply enter your special promo code when prompted. This typically occurs at the time of signup or when you visit the cashier page within your online account. From there, the code will activate the bonus.

Free spins: Perhaps the most popular online slot machine bonus, the free spin allows you to spin the reels on the house. You’re awarded a given number of free spins, with the opportunity to use them on one or multiple games. The best free spin bonus offers typically award 100 to 200 free spins.

Timed promotions: This is when the casino allows you to play for free for a predetermined period. For instance, you are given one hour to spin the reels as often as you would like. Of course, any money you win during this time is yours to keep.


To find the best no deposit bonus slots, follow these simple instructions:

  • Visit several online casinos to learn more about which ones offer no deposit bonuses
  • Compare the pros and cons of each offer, paying close attention to the ones that will provide you with the best experience
  • Make a final determination based on the terms and conditions

Generally speaking, most casinos take the same approach. All you have to do is sign up for an account, activate your bonus, and get started.

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