No Deposit Bonus Roulette

No deposit bonuses are an interesting development in the world of online casino gaming. Unlike the traditional “matching bonus,” these bonuses can actually be used before you put any money into your casino account. Many casinos also allow these bonuses to be used at their roulette tables.

The Player's Guide to No Deposit Bonus Roulette

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This guide will explain what no deposit bonuses are and how they work. We'll also explain how they are usually applied to roulette tables, and we'll give you some pointers on finding the biggest and best no deposit bonuses. Finally, we'll touch on some of the various ongoing no deposit bonuses you can expect once you become a loyal, long-term player at a casino.

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

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No deposit bonuses are the type of bonus that you can put into play without having any money in your account. Most bonuses ask you to deposit some funds that are then matched with free play, but a no deposit bonus can be played immediately after creating an account.

A no deposit bonus typically consists of a small amount of free play or some amount of free spins. If you get free play, there may be wagering requirements attached to it. Wagering requirements are more likely with a large amount given to you as a welcome bonus than they are with the smaller amounts given for loyalty as you rack up weeks and months playing at that particular casino.

You may also be given free spins as a no deposit bonus. This is more common with slot machines, but it is possible to get free spins at the roulette table. How do these work?

Usually, each free spin is worth some fixed value in betting units. The winnings from these spins will typically be stored separately from any money in your main account until you meet a wagering requirement that releases them to your withdrawable cash balance. This type of no deposit bonus is relatively rare for roulette games but can be found on occasion.

Do No Deposit Bonuses Work at Roulette?

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Many casinos do allow their general no deposit bonus offers to be used at roulette, though it is important to check their terms and conditions to be sure. Some casinos only allow these bonuses to be used on certain roulette wagers. For example, you may not be allowed to simultaneously bet on both red and black, or be allowed to use bonus funds to place a wager on every single number at the table simultaneously. Generally speaking, if it seems like a way to game the system that is too good to be true, the casino has probably already thought of it and made it against the rules!

Another thing to check is what percent of your wager at roulette contributes to the general wagering requirements. At some casinos, only a percentage of each bet at the roulette table is applied to the wagering requirement. That's because roulette wagers have a relatively low house edge between 1.35% to 7.89% (depending on the table rules and the type of bet).

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Slot machines and keno, by contrast, are the most lucrative games for a casino with a house edge that often exceeds 10%. So while slot and keno wagers can be counted on to contribute 100% to wagering requirements, only 10% to 50% of your roulette bet might count.

The roulette tables that are most likely to contribute a higher perecentage to wagering requirements are those that have an added slot on the wheel that triggers a bonus game, as the house edge can exceed 10% at these games. While that might make you disinclined to play them, these games can actually be the best choice for playing through no deposit bonus funds. The bonus games give you a chance to win much larger amounts than any traditional roulette bet ever will, and when you're using free play it's often wisest to bet high!

How to Find the Largest No Deposit Bonuses

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There are thousands of online casinos out there. How do you find the best no deposit bonus offers? There are a few things that can simplify your search.

One approach is signing up through a partner site. Often online casinos offer a more generous no deposit bonus if you sign up through one of their referring partner sites.

Another tip is that casinos give bigger bonuses to the demographics they most desire. Of course, online casinos will always bend over backwards for proven high rollers, so demonstrating high-tier status in one casino may get you better offers from others. Casinos are particularly eager for all types of mobile players right now, especially those running on an Android operating system. Regardless, making your first contact through a casino's mobile app might just net you some extra funds or spins.

Finally, online casinos like players who don't cost them much money. They prefer players who make transactions through e-wallet services, which charge the casinos lower fees than wire transfers or credit card transactions. Verify an e-wallet account when you create your casino account, and you might just get a better bonus for your trouble (as well as ongoing perks).

The Advantage of No Deposit Roulette Bonuses

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A good no deposit bonus gives you some free shots at stacking up roulette wins before you put any real money on the table. Always check the terms and conditions before jumping into any bonus offer or creating a new account. And take time to shop around a bit to see who is making the best overall offers for roulette players.


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