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Live games are a relatively new addition to online casinos. They allow you to play at a table with real dealers through the use of streaming video. Additionally, casino websites offer live slots that let you interact with other people playing the same game. You can chat, share rewards, and even use your skills to compete for bonus rounds.

Features of Real-Time Online Slots

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Community Bonuses

Comunity bonuses benefit everyone who is playing the same game simultaneously. When you hit a community bonus, other players also get rewarded. Additionally, the bonus comes with a multiplier that is based on the amount each person has wagered in the spins prior to the bonus hit.

Many licensed live video slots have shared incentives like the community bonus. Look for pooled promo rounds in Monopoly, The Price is Right, and Star Wars slot games.

Skill-Based Bonus Rounds

In their drive to attract younger players, slot manufacturers are in the early stages of rolling out skill-based bonus games that resemble the popular contests seen on mobile phones and tablets. Generally, the theme of these promos is for players to compete against each other for a pre-determined bonus pot.

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To date, the most popular variant is the “pool of cards” bonus. When the promo game hits, the machine drops a pile of cards and players have to grab them to form the best five-card hand. Whoever gets the best hand wins the pot.

These bonuses are a new development for online casinos, so you're likely to see them popping up more often during live slot play, even in older games.

Chat Windows

Just like traditional casinos, online games encourage interactions amongst players. Congratulate each other as you participate in bonus spins and hit large payouts, and engage in friendly jeering as you compete for prizes. By implementing text chat rooms, live slot games almost feel like the casino floor.

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Live Slots: the Social Player's Pick

It's common to cheer on your fellow gamblers, and even strangers delight in celebrating another player's big wins. If you enjoy the social atmosphere of traditional casinos, live slots online are a great alternative.

With lucrative bonuses and player competitions that don't exist on the casino floor, real-time slot machines provide fun interactions and higher payouts!

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