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The iPhone offers a wide variety of free slots and mobile casino apps. It's like having a slot machine in your pocket, anywhere you go. Many major game developers have released popular iPhone slots games available for iOS devices.

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In addition to being able to play just about any slot variety you'd like, iPhone gaming allows you to take advantage of mobile slot bonuses and special offers only available to mobile players.

The worldwide popularity of smartphones has made mobile casino games the most popular sector in online gambling. Casinos are in an all-out war to attract and retain players who primarily bet on their phones.

What are the Requirements to Run iPhone Casino Apps?

Apple is known for keeping things simple for their users as far as hardware and software goes. If you have a fairly recent iPhone model, you're likely all set to start downloading casino apps and iPhone slot games from iTunes.

You can check to see how recent your iPhone model is by looking at this page.

slot games for iphoneIf you are experiencing problems running a game or app on your device, you might need to install the most recent operating system (iOS) update.

Fortunately, Apple also makes this process very simple for its users. Just go to the Settings menu, click on General, and then click on Software Update.

One final thing to note is that Apple is very strict about complying with the internet gambling laws of each region they operate in. If you live in an area where online gambling is illegal, you will not find real money casino apps available in the App Store.

However, some casinos make a “for fun only” version of their app available in regions where online gambling is not legal. This is true for most of the United States, except for some parts of New Jersey.

Getting Started With Smartphone Slots

There's a large variety of both real money and free slots available on the iPhone. If you already have a favorite iPhone slot game, there's probably a mobile version. This includes popular brick-and-mortar casino slots, like Wheel of Fortune and Buffalo.

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If you're totally new to playing slots on your iPhone, review our online slots guide to learn how they work as well as basic rules and terminology.

Most casinos will offer a mode in which you can play without having to wager real money. Use this feature to try out different games and find your favorites. A lot of the most popular mobile slot games are also available in the form of a free stand-alone app through iTunes.

Once you've found a few games you enjoy, you can be selective about the casinos that feature these games.

Mobile Casino Tips

First, you want to find a legitimate and fair casino. The best way to do that is to look for one that is based in a territory where casinos are regulated by a legitimate government agency.

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Unfortunately, not all national governments that host gaming operations do a good job of regulating their casinos. The best regulation to look for is a casino that is listed on the United Kingdom “whitelist”. These casinos are subject to rules set by their government and have been approved for their citizens to gamble at.

It also helps if the casino has a third-party organization that regularly comes in and validates that the casino's games are fair and paying out properly.

iphone slots bonusesFinally, take a look at the bonuses and special offers at each casino. Most of them make a juicy one-time offer for new players, especially mobile players. It also pays to check out their loyalty programs and see what kind of benefits your play will get you over time.

Your Apple smartphone device offers access to your favorite iPhone slot apps and the chance at real jackpots. It's like having Vegas in your back pocket!

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