iPhone Roulette

The iPhone is a premium device that is considered one of the best mobile phones on the market, and that makes it a great choice for portable roulette. Whether you're looking to wager real money or just play for fun, you'll find countless options available to you on the go.

The Player's Guide to iPhone Roulette

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This guide will outline the iPhone hardware and software requirements necessary to take a seat at the latest and best roulette tables as well as how to get started at real money casinos. We’ll also look at some great “play money” options, some of which offer actual prizes. Finally, we'll take a look at some great supplementary roulette apps you can download via iTunes.

What Kind of iPhone Do You Need to Play Roulette?

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Every new iPhone model gets progressively more expensive. iPhone X's debut retail price point of $999 has sparked its own bout of controversy. Fortunately, all iPhone releases have been ahead of their time in terms of hardware, and online casinos also don't require extensive programing or software upgrades to run their roulette games. Using an older iPhone model should pose no setbacks when it comes to on-the-go roulette.

When it comes to hardware, you can expect any online casino to make their app compatible with the currently supported iPhone models (reaching back to the iPhone 6S). The vast majority also support the discontinued iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 models. The iPhone 4 does have the hardware needed to run most online casino apps, however, most will require that your iOS is updated to at least version 6.0. This rules out anything older than the iPhone 3GS.

Fortunately, updating iOS is free and simple. While you're connected to the internet, open up “Settings” and tap “General”. Then tap “Software Update” to check for any available updates.

Getting Started with Real Money iPhone Roulette

If you have a compatible model of iPhone and an acceptable version of iOS, you can go directly to the App Store to download the app for your preferred casino. If you're in a territory where online gambling is restricted, note that the app will most likely not allow real money wagering. Apps in these territories typically offer games you can play for fun with limited additional features.

Since the majority of online casinos cater to an international clientele, the most popular iOS roulette apps are the European versions. The roulette variant seen more commonly in the United States (with the additional 00 slot on the wheel) is available at some online casinos as “American” roulette. Tables with French (or “imprisonment”) rules are also much easier to find in online casinos than in real life.

You can expect any reputable casino to have these standard tables. Casinos are gradually experimenting with more exotic roulette variants including combining roulette with other types of games (like bingo), adding progressive jackpots, and adding bonus mini-games and side bets.

Once you install the roulette app, the casino will usually ask you to verify your identity. This is a routine requirement before you can make a deposit or play any games, even the games available “just for fun.” Typically the casino will request that you upload a government-issued photo ID along with at least one supporting document confirming your current residential address (like a utility bill). If you plan to use a credit card for transactions, they may also ask you to upload a photo of the front of the card.

If the casino’s app isn't working for some reason, the other option is to play through a no download version. These games are played through a web browser like Safari or Puffin and do not install anything permanent on your device.

Free, Fun Options for Playing Roulette on Your iPhone

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Several social casinos allow you to play roulette just for fun. Many have daily tournaments and a handful even offer actual prizes. Some of the leaders in this genre of roulette are DoubleDown, Big Fish, and Phonato.

You can also play unlimited roulette with stand-alone apps for your iPhone. These apps are available through the App Store and let you practice or play for fun offline with unlimited play money and no pressure. Some of the more highly-rated apps from the App Store include Roulette–Casino Style and Lucky Roulette.

Neat Roulette Apps Available through iTunes

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You can find several roulette analytics and betting system tools in the App Store. These apps generally record the results of spins and alert the player to possible bias toward certain sectors or numbers. A well-run game at a legitimate casino won't show bias of this nature; however, these tools can be useful in testing games at less reputable casinos to ensure fairness.

Many of these apps are also pre-programmed with well-known betting systems. They will show you how well the system would be working if you were using it over the course of any given game.

The Advantage of iPhone Roulette

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If you have an iPhone 3GS or newer, you should be able to handle any online roulette table by simply staying up to date with the most recent iOS software. Shop around for the best possible bonuses for mobile players and get familiar with the game using free apps.


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