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Though Google and Apple have dominated the mobile space, many people still prefer playing slots on their BlackBerry devices. Fortunately, it's possible to access online casinos with your BlackBerry and play a wide range of both video and reel slots.

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BlackBerry runs on its native operating system and on Android. If your device is running Android, you might want to take a look at our Android slots page for other options. You can still find casinos that support the BlackBerry OS, however, and you'll find more information about that below.

Sin City Nights Slot Machine – Mobile Gameplay

BlackBerry Casino Device Requirements

If you're running the native OS, most casino games will be available to you through your mobile web browser instead of an app. You can access games with the native BlackBerry browser or a third-party option like Firefox, Evolution, or Opera Mini.

However, there are some online casinos that offer an app for BlackBerry. You'll likely only find these as a direct download from the casino's website.

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BlackBerry users represent a relatively small portion of the overall mobile gambling market. So most online casinos ask BlackBerry users to play through a web browser. Alternatively, you can switch to an Android operating system for greater app selection.

If the casino does offer a BlackBerry app, it will likely require you to have the latest version of the native operating system. BlackBerry 10 is the most recent update. It's also probably the last version since BlackBerry has discontinued development of the OS.

The good news for BlackBerry fans is that the hardware arm of the company is still going strong. BlackBerry's recent devices are more than capable of handling any casino app.

The bad news is that if you want to switch to Android, you'll probably have to get a new device. BlackBerry uses hardware encryption on devices that have the native OS preloaded. This makes it very difficult to remove and replace.

Thus, devices like the Z10 and Q10 will limit your Blackberry slots selection to those that offer a native BlackBerry app or let you play through a web browser.

What Slots are Available for Blackberry?

You'll find some free BlackBerry-compatible slots for fun and practice in the Blackberry App World. Even your traditional casino favorites, including Wheel of Fortune, Mega Moolah, and Slots Royale, are available for mobile gaming.

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Remember that online gambling is illegal in some areas. So, you are unlikely to find Blackberry slots that allow real money bets in the United States (except Nevada and New Jersey).

Many online casinos are now making their full range of slots available to players through a web browser. This has the advantage of letting the player access all their games with nothing more than an internet connection; no specific devices or apps required.

You can find thousands of different types of slots online that can be accessed through your BlackBerry web browser, including virtual versions of the major hits from companies like Bally, IGT, and Konami.

Steps for Selecting a BlackBerry Online Casino

So how do you determine which casinos are best to play at on your device? Follow these simple steps:

Choosing the Best Mobile Slots

Start by determining which BB slots you'd like to play. If you don't already have favorites, you can use practice or free modes to play games without wagering any money.

There's no real strategy to any slot machine. You can make your money last longer by choosing a machine with a favorable pay table. But in the end, most mobile slots players just pick the games that they have the most fun with.

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Smartphone Compatibility 

Once you know what type of games you enjoy, you can start narrowing down your list to casinos that will work with your BlackBerry (whether that's through an app for the native OS, an Android app, or your web browser).

Make sure that your device and operating system are current enough to meet the casino's minimum requirements.

Verify Casino Licensure

Check the casinos you are interested in to be sure they are licensed and regulated by a legitimate government agency. Not all national governments are reliable in this regard.

The standard of excellence is the United Kingdom's “whitelist” of online casinos approved for its residents. It also helps if the casino is routinely tested by a third-party agency that verifies the fairness of their games.

Compare Slot Bonuses

Finally, compare bonus offers and loyalty club rewards to see which casinos give you the most return for your money. Many casinos are now offering sl0t bonuses and rewards that are exclusive to players using their mobile apps, and these can really help to reduce the house edge.

As the original smartphone, Blackberry still offers its users maximum functionality. If you enjoy slots, you can find them on your BB. Your jackpot is waiting.

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