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Google's Android is the most commonly used mobile operating system in the world. It has almost double the user base of Apple's iOS. Given its popularity, online casinos have really ramped up their efforts to make their full range of Android slots available to users with Droid smartphone devices.

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It's definitely a good time for mobile device gamers. In a race for players’ business, casinos entice Android players with special bonuses and rewards.

However, there are some things you should know before trying your luck at the reels. The information on this page will help you select the best slots for Droid phones.

Getting Started With Android Casino Apps

If you're primarily a slots player, you can expect a good casino to offer their full range of games on an Android app. Just about all casinos will support Android and Apple mobile devices.

There was a time when you had to install casino software on your desktop to get access to all of their slot games. This changed recently due to the rapid increase in mobile gambling. Now, casinos will have you download their app through the Google Play store by way of a link from the casino's website.

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It's important to note that if you're in a country or region where online gambling is illegal, you probably won’t finds casino apps in the Play store.

It may be possible to work around this limitation if the casino offers access to their games via a web browser (such as Chrome). However, be sure to check that your country or jurisdiction does not prosecute players for violating online gaming laws.

Mobile Gaming Security

Some casinos will ask you to install their app outside of the Google Play framework. This does not necessarily mean that the casino isn’t legitimate. More likely, it’s because in some areas, casinos cannot get their apps in the Play Store even if gambling is legal.

But to be safe, you should still carefully scrutinize the casino. Installing apps outside of the Play Store puts you at an increased risk for viruses and malware.

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It's always a good idea to verify these three things about a casino, especially if you need to install an app from their own internal server:

  • Is the casino licensed and regulated by a legitimate government entity? (The UK “whitelist” is the gold standard for international gambling)
  • Are the casino games made by a reputable publisher?
  • Does the casino have inspections and verifications of its games for fairness? Are these performed by a legitimate third-party group?

If the casino meets these standards and has a good reputation with positive customer reviews, it's likely safe to install the app directly from their website.

What Are the Android Device Requirements for Online Casinos?

For an optimal Android slots experience, it's best to have the most current operating system update installed on your device. However, casinos will usually support at least a few of the previous versions without sacrificing game quality.

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Check recent Android updates and compare with the version you’re running. On your device, go to the “Settings” menu, then tap the “About Device” or “About Phone”. Here you will find your OS version.

As far as hardware requirements, each individual slot game will indicate which devices are supported. Generally, casinos do not require that you have the latest device to play their games. A good way to check is to perform a Google search. Enter the URL of the casino you are interested in along with the term “device requirements” or “system requirements.”

Can I Practice on an Android Slots App?

Yes, many casinos offer a “practice mode”. You can play an Android slots game without wagering real money. There are also many free games that are not affiliated with casinos. However, watch out for data-heavy advertisements on these stand-alone games. The game may be free, but the ads that it serves can eat up a shocking amount of data on your wireless plan.

What Kind of Slots Can I Play on Droid?

If a slot game is available online, it's probably available for Android. Surprisingly, mobile apps offer an even wider range of slots than a casino floor, so you’ll find all of your favorites.

Android's advanced graphics and functionality turn your device into a Vegas style slot machine. Your chance at a jackpot is waiting in your pocket!

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