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Android offers the greatest number of options for playing both real money and free poker among all the mobile operating systems available. It dominates the tablet and smartphone market and will continue to be the platform of choice for mobile poker going forward.

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The Player's Guide to Android Poker

This guide will help you locate and set up apps for playing poker on your Android, as well as provide some technical tips. You'll also learn about the wide variety of apps that can help to improve your play and manage your bankroll.

How Do I Play Poker on an Android Device?

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You can play poker on any Android device, be that a Chromebook, a tablet or a smartphone. A Chromebook or tablet will give you the best experience, however. There are some good Android poker smartphone apps out there, but if you play in serious cash games, make sure the screen is as large as possible, and that there little chance of slowdowns or technical hiccups.

A few online casinos bundle table poker with their other games in one generalized app, but for the most part, they offer separate apps for Android poker players. The biggest operations of this nature are stand-alone poker rooms that don't have other types of casino games, such as PokerStars and Party Poker. 888Poker is similar in size to these category leaders, however, and also offers the 888Casino app which has a broad range of games. You will usually download these apps directly from the provider's site, due to rules forbidding real money wagering apps on the Play Store.

If you're downloading an Android poker app, look to see if there are different versions. Some poker sites will have two separate Android apps – one for smartphones, and another for tablets and computers. The main difference is the way in which they orient themselves to the screen and make use of the available space.

Android Poker Hardware Requirements

As far as hardware and software requirements, any new tablet or high-end smartphone should be able to handle any Android poker apps. Older tablets that are relatively robust may also be able to manage these apps, provided you can update to a recent version of the Android operating system. Updating is free and can be done anytime while the Android device is connected to the internet; click on the “About Tablet” or “About Phone” tab to start the process.

Older Chromebooks aren't able to run Android apps, but 2017 releases are adding this capability, and eventually, every Chromebook is expected to have native Android app support. You may be able to get Android poker apps running on an older Chromebook by using a conversion app called ARC Welder, however.

Are There Other Apps for Android That Can Help My Poker Play?

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Hardcore poker players use all sorts of additional apps and software to enhance their play, manage their funds and improve their game. Many of these tools are available in the form of Android apps.

There are many different game tracking apps. These are used to input and log information about other players during a game to anticipate better what they may do in any given situation. Some of the best and most powerful apps for this tool on Android include Poker Agent, Poker Track Pro, Donkey Tracker, NoteCaddy and Poker Notes Live.

You may just track your opponents, but serious players use specialized apps to keep records and analyze their hands for strengths and weaknesses. Some useful apps of this nature for Android include All-In Poker Tracker, Poker Session Logger, and RunGood.

You'll also want to monitor your income and losses. Automated Android apps that interface with your games make this much easier. Some apps with this specialization include Hold'em Manager, Poker Agent, and Poker Income.

Beginning players may simply want an app that calculates the relative strength of their current hand. Straightforward Android apps that serve this need include PokerStove, PokerCruncher, EquiLab and Poker Calculator.

Android Poker is Here to Stay

Android is the world's most commonly used mobile operating system, and it recently passed Windows as the most installed operating system in any category as well. Poker Android apps will continue to develop and improve, as will the intense competition for your business among online casinos and poker rooms. You'll do best with a newer Chromebook or tablet, but Android smartphone apps are good enough for free or low-stakes games.


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