Free Roulette

Fancy a free spin of the wheel? There are plenty of ways to play free roulette online. There are even a few ways to win real prizes without betting any money.

The Player's Guide to Free Roulette

This guide will take you through the various ways to play free roulette online. It covers online casinos, free games and apps, and even games that offer rewards and prizes at no cost to the player.

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Free Roulette at Online Casinos

At most online casinos, you can play a free version of roulette with “play money.” These games usually require you to create an account and download the casino's software or app, but you won't need to make a deposit to play. Some casinos will also let you play their free roulette games through a web browser, which may or may not require you to be logged into an account.

It's true that there is no real reason to practice roulette, other than to learn the correct placement of the inside wagers that cover multiple numbers. Casinos usually won't offer any prizes or incentives for play money games. That said, it is a good way to experiment with some of the new and exciting roulette variants that have been recently developed. Some examples include:

  • Multiball Roulette, in which two or three balls are in play at once (also called Express Roulette)
  • Mini Roulette, which has only 12 numbers
  • Two and Three Wheel Roulette, in which two or three winning numbers are selected by one ball
  • Lucky Star, which has a wheel shaped like a pentagram
  • Chinese Roulette, which replaces the numbers with Zodiac signs and seasonal symbols
  • La Boule Roulette, which has nine numbers and different types of outside bets

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Online roulette games are also adding a broad range of side bets, progressive bonuses and bonus games. Free play modes provide a way to check out these innovative developments and see if they are for you without having to spend any money.

It may also be possible to play roulette for free at an online casino and keep your winnings. How? By taking advantage of bonuses. Some casinos apply no deposit bonuses to the roulette tables. If you play other games, like slots or video poker, you'll probably get bonus funds from time to time that can be used to play no-risk roulette.

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Free Roulette Games With Real Prizes

What's this about being eligible to win real prizes playing roulette for free?

It's true, though the odds are not as good as they will be at a casino. These sites translate your roulette play into tokens, which can then be entered in raffles for prizes. This allows the sites to create casino-style fun without running afoul of local gambling laws or being regarded as and regulated like casinos.

Some of the big-name sites that do this include Pogo, iWin, Gamesville, and Big Fish. These sites have a broad range of other casino games as well as card, board, and arcade games. Most games will earn you the tickets or tokens that can be entered into raffles and drawings.

For roulette players, the odds of winning at these sites are the longest of all, as you have to win a raffle on top of obtaining enough tickets from hits on the wheel. Of course, the big advantage is that you don't have to risk any money, so it could be worthwhile if you are looking for real roulette action on a tight bankroll.

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Free Roulette for Fun

In addition to the free modes at online casinos, many stand-alone software packages and apps let you play roulette for fun.

Mobile Android and iOS users can search for “roulette” in their respective app stores to find all sorts of options. Users of any operating systems might also want to try searching Facebook for free social roulette games.

Many sites also host free roulette games that can be played in your browser. Simply search Google for “web browser roulette” to find more options than you could get through in a lifetime.

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How Can Free Roulette Help Your Game?

As we briefly touched on earlier, there's no strategy to roulette. Playing free games can help you get used to the table and the flow, but there's nothing to practice.

The biggest strategic benefit you can get from free roulette games is to learn firsthand that betting systems don't consistently work over time. Reams of information are available that prove every roulette betting system has a negative expected return (at least with table limits). People persist in throwing money away using them and spending money on snake oil “secrets of roulette” guides.

If a betting system sounds good to you, try it out over a period of days or weeks using a free roulette game. You can satisfy your curiosity about it at no risk.

The Full Range of Free Roulette Options

With play money modes at online casinos, casual gaming sites, social gaming sites, and free apps, there are plenty of ways to play free roulette online. You might even make some money at some of them.

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