Top 10 Best Online Zombie Games

It’s widely known that Zombie shows are extremely popular and they don’t seem to show signs of dying out anytime soon. (Pun Intended). I think the trend really grew from the 2002 zombie movie, 28 days later. And since then we’ve seen other cool Zombie stories such as: Dawn of the Dead, World War Z and the ever popular Walking Dead Series. It's no surprise that popularity of these shows have expanded over into the gaming industry, here are the best ones online right now:

1. Earn to Die 2012 earn-to-die-2012-icon

This is one of the most played games on the web. Don’t let the 2012 date mislead you, this game is still very relevant today and will be for a long time. In fact, this game has been played over 1 million times, a testament to the awesomeness of this game. What’s really cool about this game is that it combines racing and plowing down Zombies with a vehicle, one of the best ways to get the job done. Your goal is to see how far you can drive your vehicle through the massive Zombie Horde.

2. Endless Zombie Rampageendless-zombie-rampage-icon

Endless Zombie rampage is a great game that combines a simple role playing story line with sweet shooter action. At the beginning of the game you have a choice to either kill zombies, search for supplies or try to find survivors. This style of gameplay is a nice touch that gives you more than just a straight shooting game. The game also features a bird’s eye view of shooting that shares the same similarities of old arcade games.

3. Boxhead Zombie Warsboxhead-the-zombie-wars-icons

If you love the simplicity of the stickman style games, then you will probably also love Boxhead Zombie Wars. The main reason why this game is one of the best is because it is quick and simple to play. You don’t need to think about it too much and just get your needs met of shooting down a horde of zombies, instantly. While the game is pretty simple it is still a bit challenging as the zombies move fast.

4. Zombies Ate My Phonezombies-ate-my-phone-icon

Now this game combines the zombie trend with the smartphone trend. The story starts off by getting a text message from one of your friends on how to battle the zombies. But an added bonus is you also get to fight off werewolves, mummies and other monsters. And to really get creative, you can use a variety of unconventional weapons such as electric guitars and an exploding teddy bear.

5. Tequila Zombies 2tequila-zombies-2-icon

Here is a combo that you don’t see everyday, Tequila Zombies. Sounds like maybe what would happen to you if you drank too much tequila. But the game takes an honest approach and focuses on that killing zombies is difficult and to take the edge off you’ll probably want some tequila to de-stress. Unlike most of the zombie games you can beat up the zombies instead of just shooting them, because we all know that it’s fun to get your hands dirty once in a while.

6. SAS Zombie Assault 3sas-zombie-assault-icon

We are thoroughly impressed with this game as it has evolved into a very robust 4 player multiplayer game. This version is jam packed with more maps and more guns! The perfect upgrade to an already great game. The shooter game is also built as a top view style of gameplay that requires you to be more strategic about your approach and think two steps ahead to use the map and surroundings to get a jump on the zombies.

7. Infectonator 2infectionator-icon

Here’s a new take on zombie games, instead of shooting or trying to prevent a horde from attacking you, the goal of this game is actually to spread the Zombie infection. You play to get the infection to get as viral as possible and achieve world domination. It’s an interesting take on the genre and perfect for anyone that wants to be on the other team.

8. Plants Vs Zombies Egypt planst-vs-zombies-icon

This is the Egypt version of the very popular plants versus zombies game. Think of this game as more of a strategy game instead of a shooter game. You must place your plants in positions to defend against zombies. Choose the right set up or else face the consequences of the oncoming horde. Did we mention that the plants shoot the zombies? You will have to check out this super entertaining game to really understand.

9. Obama Vs Zombiesobama-vs-zombies-icon

If you are in the mood of a completely over the top game then you’ll love this. Because you play as President Obama. He defends the white house from a Zombie horde until help arrives. It is a must play if you are bored with all the other games out there. And it’s not everyday you see the POTUS (President of the United States) in battle.

10. The Last Standthe-last-stand-icon

Easily one of the best zombie games out there because it meets expectations on what a zombie game would be like. Basically, it takes the familiar scenario of protecting your barricade from the horde. Shoot the zombies down before they wreck your fence and take over your camp. Did we mention that this game is one of the highest rated games out there right now 4.7 out of 5 stars, a hundred thousand people can’t be wrong.

BONUS: 11. More Zombiesmore-zombies-icon

We love zombies games so much that here is a bonus 11th game for you on this list. And it’s quite fitting because the name of the game is “More Zombies”. It has a very simple story line but that is not why it’s fun, it’s FUN because of the different styles of guns and the gratuitous blood and gore that you would expect to see in a good zombie movie.

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