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SAS : Zombie Assault 3

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Game Description

SAS: Zombie Assault 3 is a shooting game played with the mouse. In this game your goal is to fight off the horde with an assortment of guns and other kinds of gear. Kill all the zombies in each wave that are attacking the farmhouse. Keep them from breaking down the barricades and pouring in through the doorways by shooting them while theyre still outside.

SAS : Zombie Assault 3 Comments (36)
Best Comments
Score: +10 |
this game is awsome
Score: +10 |
The only thing I don\'t like about this is how the screen moves all cracked out.
Score: +6 |
damn cool Game i love it ♥
Newest Comments
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he game is a piece of shit
Score: 0 |
Score: 0 |
when you wait the sound sounds like its more with ghosts not zombies
Score: 0 |
good game its scary :O
Score: 0 |
i did not get to play it
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