Top 10 Best Free Online Shooter Games

1. Stick Arena Ballisticktop-10-shooter-stick-arena-ballistick-icon

Stick figure games are all the rage these days because of the sheer simplicity of how the games are designed and played. In this game, you get to challenge your opponents in a no-holds barred arena shoot out and the last person standing wins. A unique feature of this game is the birds eye view that gives you fresh game play than your standard FPS (first person shooter) games. You can’t go wrong with this shooter game and if you get tired of the guns you can switch to other non-conventional weapons, like a sledgehammer!

2. The Last Standtop-10-shooter-the-last-stand-icon

You know the part in the show, Walking Dead, when the massive zombie horde tries to push through the barricade at the prison camp? And the main characters frantically try to shoot down each zombie before they get overwhelmed. Yeah, awesome scene, I am right? Well, imagine if you could experience that kind of intense scramble but in a much more fun and whole lot SAFER way. The Last Stand game provides a similar scenario where your goal is to shoot down the oncoming zombies before they reach and demolish the barricade. The game is challenging because it requires you to be extremely efficient in your shooting, but at the same time it is also one of the most enjoyable zombie shooting games online.

3. Raze 2top-10-shooter-raze-2-icon

If you are hungry for a great futuristic alien shooting game, then you are in luck with the Raze 2 game. Set a hundred years into the future, your mission is to eliminate all the alien invaders using multitude of weapons, gear and techniques. There are about 15 levels that you can play and you can only advance after you beat the current level. What’s great about this game is that it is setup like old school games (think Contra) that is quick to play but also provides enough challenges to be very entertaining.

4. Clear Visiontop-10-shooter-clear-vision-icon

This sniping game sprinkles in some interactive gameplay where you can navigate through different rooms to interact with different things (ie newspaper, PC) to add to the very simple story line. A perfect game to play if you are not in the mood for your average sniping game. There are different versions of Clear Vision and all are a “blast” to play.


5. Bloody Daytop-10-shooter-bloody-day-icon

Remember Nintendo’s Duck Hunt? This reminds us of that, but modernized and so much more fun to play. You get to shoot at fast moving targets that zoom across the screen and you have an option to choose between a three different types of weapons to try out (sub machine gun, pistol and shotgun). One cool feature of this game is the very basic “Artificial Intelligence” of the targets, if you shoot one in the legs, they will start to crawl, so better make it a clean kill and get in a quality headshot!

6. Bush Royal Rampagetop-10-shooter-royal-rampage-icon

This is not your typical shooter game, simply because you are playing as George W. Bush, former President of the United States. He doesn’t quite fit the Assassin/Commando type that we are accustomed to in shooter games. This definitely puts fun and unique spin on shooting – we absolutely love the sound effects that “G. W.” makes while on his rampage. Did I mention the Queen of England is also in the game? Give it a whirl and you may be surprised on how amusing this game is!

7. Tactical Assassintop-10-shooter-tactical-assasin-icon

Tactical Assassin 3 is a sniping game that lets you choose between a realistic vs. arcade style of shooting. In the real mode aiming is more challenging and takes into account different variables that you would encounter in real sniping. While the arcade mode is more simple lets you get real trigger happy ASAP.

8. Red Crucible 2top-10-shooter-red-crucible-icon

This game is fashioned after the ever popular FPS (First Person Shooter) format and this free online game comes close to the more powerful FPS on console games. What’s awesome about this game is that you can play multiplayer (up to 26 players) in a wide variety of maps and use modern weapons and vehicles. It’s no wonder that Red Crucible 2 is one of the highest rated shooter games.

9.Gun Blood top-10-shooter-gun-blood-icon

We absolutely love the simple and straightforward name of this game. Just thinking of this game, immediately gets you in the zone for an intense shootout. If you've seen any Wild West gunslinger movie you know that a gun duel is hands down always the best part. Now you can take part in the action and test your “quick draw” skills!

10. Toss The Turtletop-10-shooter-toss-the-turtle-icon

Now here’s a game where instead of shooting at target, you are actually using the gun to try to launch your game character as far as possible. Not only is this game a refreshing take on shooting games, it’s hilarious to watch and is the perfect game to take a break from all those intense zombie and sniper games. Many people that play this game say it’s very addictive because you constantly want to beat your best score. Check it out and see if you can blast the poor little turtle into outer space.

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