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Game Description

Pac-Xon is an arcade game played with the keyboard controls. In this game your goal is to draw lines across an open space and cover the screen with blocks by sealing off open spaces. Use the arrow keys to move around the screen and draw lines, but be careful of the pac-man ghosts; if they run into a line while youre still drawing it, the line will break and youll lose a life.

Pac-Xon Comments (312)
Best Comments
Score: +24 |
i really love this game. great.
Score: +19 |
Similar to Pac man classic game.
Score: +18 |
This is great, Its like a combo of Pac-man and Snake.
Score: +17 |
Omg love this game
Newest Comments
Score: 0 |
So... many... ghosts...
Score: 0 |
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Score: 0 |
my fav game :)
Score: 0 |
pac man Y U NO DIE
Score: -2 |
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