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Pac Man

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Game Description

This is the Pac man we've all come to love in Flash form. Just like the classic you must swallow all the pills while avoiding the ghosts. If you eat the magical pill, the ghosts become edible and their movement speed is slowed. Use arrow keys to navigate and 'p' to pause.

Pac Man Comments (386)
Best Comments
Score: +59 |
PAC-MAN is and always will be 1 of the best 80\'s games
Score: +50 |
Do Yew Know What? I Have To Confess But I Have Never Actually Been That Good At Pacman. >:( Ikr.... Your Probarly Thinking OMG! :O But Its True, And Yet I Dont Give A Sh!t Because This Game Is A !ng Classic And Will Always Be Even If Some Of Us Feel As If Were Sh!t At It xD
Score: +10 |
One of my All time Favourites
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I LOVE this game!!!!!!
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Score: 0 |
it sounds so cool
Score: 0 |
it doesnt open
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