Welcome to the MuchGames Blog! – Official Launch

Howdy! We'd like to welcome you to the new Muchgames blog! Here you will find content that is geared toward the gamer lifestyle. Our goal with this blog is to provide you with insight on the coolest online games around and to also create a platform to get more involved with the gaming community.

And to get things started, here are some quick facts about MuchGames.com:

– We have over 25,000+ free online games
– Over half a million users in our online community, the biggest on the web
– Our headquarters is located in downtown Chicago, Illinois
– We are consistently updating the site with new games each week
– We have A wide variety of 20+ gaming categories including: shooting, racing, puzzle, strategy, simulation and 2-player games
– Our site can be viewed in a dozen different languages
– Our team is committed to providing you with the best game site

We'd really appreciate your support — Please like our page on Facebook!

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