Video Games Used to Improve Individuals with Chronic Stroke

The white paper here highlights the potential video games have to help individuals suffering from chronic strokes.

In recent years, video games have been a proven therapeutic treatment for a variety of conditions, and now researchers hope the same is true for individuals struggling with chronic stroke.

The white paper highlights a single-blind, randomized trial with evaluations done before and after a three-month intervention. Several factors were measured in this study to see what improvements (if any) were achieved in participants who actively played video games.

Some of the key takeaways of this particular study, which are highlighted in the white paper include:

  • The effect of different periods of time on stroke victims
  • Comparing the results of video game therapy and traditional therapy for improvements
  • Results and outcomes of the group with video games showed more improvement in physical and mental symptoms of stroke than those in the traditional therapy group

Thanks to the findings in this study, researchers are hopeful it will fuel further research of the topic. This may provide a viable treatment for individuals who suffer chronic stroke and help them regain a certain level of well-being and normalcy that the stroke may have taken away.

Originally published by on 5/7/2015

Video games used to improve individuals with chronic strokes



Givon, N., Zeilig, G., Weingarden, H., & Rand, D. (2016). Video-games used in a group setting is feasible and effective to improve indicators of physical activity in individuals with chronic stroke: a randomized controlled trial. Clinical rehabilitation30(4), 383-392.

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