This Week in Tech Podcast

Also called TWiT and in the past known by the name of Revenge of the Screen Savers, this is considered to be the weekly podcast that is the namesake of the TV network TWiT. The podcast’s host, Leo Laport, along with several other past employees of Tech TV provides updated information on tech happenings.

This podcast is unique, featuring round-table style discussions and debates that center on current technology reviews and news. There is a specific focus on the internet and consumer electronics. The podcast is produced in the “eastside” studios, which are located in Petaluma, California.

Each show begins with Leo introducing each panelist and inviting them to discuss their recent work or projects. The primary part of the show is typically related to the headlines from the tech industry for the week. The entire setup is designed to encourage conversation and spontaneity, which is why it often diverges quite a bit from tech topics.

This is a must listen for any tech guru or anyone who is interested in learning about some of the latest technology happenings.

Download or subscribe to this show at Bandwidth for This Week in Tech is provided by CacheFly.

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