The Ongoing Debate of Technology in the Classroom

Today’s modern online casino slot bonuses are much different than what you would have seen just a decade ago.

While you will still find traditional whiteboards, books and desks, there is also a new component – technology.

From computers and TVs to highly advanced audio-visual equipment that helps lessons “come alive,” the innovations available today are truly astounding.

Tablets are quickly replacing traditional textbooks and kids have the ability to research virtually anything with their smartphones.

Social media is now common place and technology has touched every aspect of life, society, and now even made its place in the classroom.

Educators are also seeing the many benefits offered by technology in the classroom.

According to a recent study by the IT Trade Association CompTIA, approximately 75 percent of educators believe technology has an extremely positive impact on the education process.

Many educators are also recognizing how important it is to develop technological skills in children.

This helps to make sure they are prepared to enter the workforce.

Technology’s impact on modern schools has been extremely significant.

This widespread adoption of technology has totally changed the way students learn, and teachers teach.

Educators – at all levels – are learning how to teach with new technologies, such as computers, digital cameras, Smart Boards, iPads and tablets.

Students are also learning about advanced technology and how it is shaping the way they learn.

When technology is embraced and integrated into the classroom, students are set up for a successful life after school.

Learning more about the benefits of technology can help anyone see that the advantages are truly undeniable.

Learning with Technology is More Fun

In reference to the study mentioned earlier, most students prefer using technology because they believe it makes the process of learning something new more fun and exciting.

They especially enjoy the opportunity to use tablets and laptops, which is something some students don’t have access to at home.

Those subjects that students think of as tedious or challenging are made more interesting when virtual lessons are used with a tablet or through the use of video.

Students are Better Prepared for the Future

Nine out of 10 students indicated in the CompTIA study that using technology in the classroom is a great way to prepare them for their digital future.

These are 21st-century skills that are critical to finding success in today’s digital-centric landscape.

Even jobs that had no digital component before are expanding to include some type of technology.

The educational process isn’t just about memorizing vocabulary words and facts.

It is about solving challenging problems and having the ability to collaborate with others in the workforce.

Technology in the classroom helps students get ready for their future. It also sets them up for the ever-evolving digital economy.

Increased Retention for Students

Students who participated in the study stated that they believed technology helped them retain information better.

According to another study, this is a thought that may actually be accurate.

For example, 18-second grade students were given the task of creating a slide show presentation about an animal using PowerPoint.

After completing the presentation, 16 of the 18 students remembered more facts about the animal they were given for a longer period of time.

This clearly shows that technology helps students in remembering what they have learned.

Learning at an Individual Student’s Pace

Modern technology makes it possible for each student to learn at a pace that works for them.

For example, virtually all the apps used in the classroom are designed for individualized instruction.

As a result, each student can learn and progress based on their needs and abilities.

This type of teaching is ideal for educators because it provides them with the opportunity to work individually with the students who are struggling with certain subjects.

Students and Technology Connect

Technology has an important role in student’s lives.

When they aren’t in school, almost everything they do is somehow connected to technology.

When it is integrated into the classroom, teachers can alter the way they educate and provide students with the tools needed to take them successfully into the 21st century.

Technology is continually evolving.

Educators have to take the time to remain updated regarding the latest advances to ensure students are fully prepared for this ever-changing landscape.

Even though technology is an invaluable resource in the classroom, it does not completely replace traditional learning methods.

This is something both teachers and students need to bear in mind.

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