Promoting Physical Activity and Health Through Active Video Games

Thousands of studies have proven that inactivity is a top cause of several chronic diseases. However, now, it is believed that video games and casino guides – which were a cause of inactivity in the past – may help combat this problem.

Modern, active video games that utilize technology such as virtual reality are helping to combat the issues related to inactivity across the board – especially in children.

The white paper here dives into the effect that video games are having on otherwise inactive people and how it is helping them get healthier and live better lives. For several decades now, many researchers have stated that video games were the cause of this chronic inactivity. However, today, the evolution of games and technology have led to reduced cases of chronic diseases in study groups and something worth pursuing in the future.

Some key takeaways from this white paper include:

  • AVGs promote motor skills and activity for children and adolescents
  • AVGs can be used for therapeutic purposes for older adults suffering from chronic conditions
  • AVGs still present some limitations that need to be addressed

Exploring this new technology can help you see its potential and how it may even help you, or your kids, in the future.

Originally published by on 11/24/2016

Promoting physical activity and health through video games



Gao, Z. (2016). Fight fire with fire? Promoting physical activity and health through active video games.

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