Measuring & Supporting Learning in Video Games

In the past, video games were viewed as a distraction. Parents were told to limit the amount of time their child spent on these frivolous activities.  They were deemed “unnecessary” in the world of academia. In the past, the simple skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic were enough for a person to be sufficient in life.

Today, that is simply not the case.

More and more learning institutions – early and late learning – are embracing video games as a part of the learning process.

The Measuring and Supporting Learning in Video Games eBook illustrates the benefit of implementing video games in the educational process. While this is a movement that was spearheaded by the introduction of the internet, it's something that's growing and evolving each day.

In the eBook found here, you can explore how video games are being used today and how they can help teach skills to children and adults alike.

Originally Published by 3/8/2013

Measuring & Supporting Learning in Video Games
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