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It’s no surprise why Happy Wheels game is extremely popular, it has all the elements for a fun and challenging racing game. But we think its popularity mainly from plenty of gory scenes. Basically, when the player makes a mistake and crashes, their character GETS ALL MESSED UP! What we mean by this is that the animation in the game makes it so that your character gets badly injured. For example, if you miss a turn and fall into a pit, your character will break apart. That’s extremely entertaining.

In the game you start off by selecting your obstacle course, one of which features the “Belly of Satan” where you have to effectively navigate your character to make it out alive. We know that is pretty intense to even begin to imagine, but this game is not normal. Next, you get to choose your character and you have 3 main options: 1) Dude on a rocket wheelchair 2) Businessman on a Segway and 3) A Dad & son team on a bicycle. As you can see, even the characters are very intriguing… not your normal type of racing game. And based off the physics designed into the game each character actually handles the course differently, reacting to motion with their unique way.

With all these elements baked into the game (physics, unique courses, intriguing characters and gore), there is no doubt that this is the top. You get a great challenge and instant gratification with all the wrecks and crashes throughout. Check out Happy Wheels here.

Here is a short video trailer if you want to see a preview of the game before playing:

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