Gaming Rhythms

The realm of digital games offers quite a few opportunities. While it is impossible to provide an extensive list of all the software, hardware and people who utilize these games, it is still pretty impressive at the sheer thought of the possibilities they present today and in the future.

The eBook here is focused on digital games, the people playing these games and how they play them. However, since each game and each person is unique, this book only scratches the surface of games and their effect, their reach and more.

Instead of trying to define it all, the book is focused on the rhythm of the game. You will find a tool to examine the negotiations between rhythms in the digital game play. While it may seem complicated, when you delve deep into what it has to offer, you are likely going to be intrigued and informed.

With this book you can go back in history and forward in time. It explores unique facets of digital game play that you may have never even considered before.

Originally published by  9/5/2010

Ebook- gaming rhythms
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