Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Associated Technologies

What is artificial intelligence? What advantages and disadvantages does it offer modern society? In what way can it be applied to modern life? What does the future hold for this innovative technology that many sci-fi books and movies have been based on? All these questions – and more – are addressed and answered in this white paper.

You can also learn about the current progress this technology has in the real world and discusses the various applications of AI in several fields, including expert systems, weather forecasting, aviation, casino gaming and heavy industries. The paper specifically focuses on expert systems and the use of AI today. In the conclusion, the paper analyzes the future possibilities offered by Artificial Intelligence.

Key takeaways of this white paper include:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence
  • The flexibility and power offered by AI
  • The uses for AI now and in the future

There are many who believe that AI is the next great innovation that is going to completely transform society as a whole, how we communicate and how things are done.

Originally published by on 3/5/2016

Applications of AI & Associated Tech



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