8 Simple Gamer Costumes You Wish You Could Wear All Year

Whether you want to kick it old school, or impress all of your cosplay friends, these costumes will be sure to impress on Halloween. Most articles of clothing needed for the costumes can be DIY, found in a thrift store, or even the back of your closet. The only difficult part will be that you will want to wear it all year long!

1. Carmen San Diego

Carmen San Diego costume

Where in the world has this costume been all of my life? Find a red trench coat, cool purple felt hat and a globe, and you're all set for a costume that will make your friends absolutely nostalgic.

2.Your Favorite Gaming Consoles

Game console costume

Got some cardboard? Perfect! You're all set to make this costume reflect your favorite video game console.

3. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach

Mario costume

Always a classic — this dynamic duo, plus Princess Peach is sure to wow passersby on Halloween. Plus you'll stay super warm all night!

4. Minecraft

Minecraft costume

This costume is pixel perfect. All that's needed for this costume is some cardboard boxes and your own touch of creativity. It's an awesome way to pay homage to Minecraft.

5. Tetris

Tetris costume

Looking for a fun group costume? Try Tetris! The pieces not always fit perfectly, but it's sure worth a try.

6. Bowser


Any crocheters out there? This Bowser hat is perfect for turtles and humans alike.

7. The Sims

Sims costume

All you need for this Sims costume is a regular outfit, and a headband with the classic green plumbob. It's a fun way to bring your favorite game to life.

8. Pac Man

Pac Man costume

This costume is perfect for couples. All you need are a few other friends willing to dress as ghosts and fruits (a pretzels) while you chase them around, and you've got your favorite arcade brought to life.

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