6 Signs You’re a Gamer

1. Your thumbs

Signs you're a gamer - thumbs

Are your thumbs constantly sore? Do you perpetually dominate all other opnonents in a friendly game of thumb wars? If you’re a serious gamer, these are no foreign scenarios to you. Constantly using your thumbs for video controls is a regular occurrence to you when gaming. Some people might boast six pack abs, or toned biceps, but the true mark of a gamer can be found in his thumbs.

2. Your eyes haven't seen natural sun in awhile

Signs you're a gamer - eyes

After sitting indoors for hours on end, spending every last waking hour on Skyrim, venturing out into the sunlight might be a stark difference your body isn’t quite prepared for. Adjusting your eyes to the natural light of the sun will definitely wake you up after staring at artificial light from your screen.

3. You equate sports with Wii

Signs you're a gamer - sports

Ever had a non gamer friend invite you to a friendly game of basketball, tennis, or any other sport? With Wii’s sports, it’s just as easy to get your 50 minutes of physical activity in for the day, without leaving your house. Why travel to the nearest tennis court when there’s already one in your living room?

4. You’re willing to wait in line

Signs you're a gamer - waiting in line

Some people stand in line for the new iphone release, other for tickets to see OneDirection in concert, you on the other hand wait patiently in line for the release of a new video game. Forget the masses of non-gamers who don’t understand your patient dedication to the game, their judgement will be long forgotten after hours of delving into your new purchase, as will the amount of hours you’ve been playing for, (what time is it anyways?).

5. You spend more time with your controller than your roommate

Signs you're a gamer - roommate

Spending time with family or friends somehow manages to fall by the wayside when you’re spending hours gaming. Ever found yourself wishing you were gaming during other social settings? Sometimes all you need is a comfy chair, your controller, and a new game.

6. You can be a bit snobby

Signs you're a gamer - snobby

Ever found yourself looking down on other, less experienced gamers? It’s hard to imagine that other gamers don’t possess the same focus and dedication as you when it comes to honing their gaming craft. If you’ve ever thought a less experienced approach to the game elicits some disapproving glances or comments, you might be a serious gamer.


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