10 Websites for Gamers to Level Up Their Real Lives

Gaming may be your life but let's face it, there's more to life than gaming if only from a purely practical sense. We all have to work, eat, improve ourselves and take part in the world in some fashion. The thing is though we can still take care of all those important life functions from our beloved computer if we must. So therefore here is a list of really helpful sites for committed gamers which will keep them close to home.

1. Lifehacker


We all need advice on how to do things every once in a while and Lifehacker.com is one of those sites perfect for all those things you need to know. It is essentially a non-specific blog which features short articles offering advice on anything from computers to cooking or even home decorating.

2. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness

Sitting at a desk gaming all day may be fun but it can really take a toll on your health. We need to eat right and we need to exercise, it's a fact of life, but we don't want to go get a meathead personal trainer. Well then, why not get help from a fellow nerd who has realized that being healthy is just as important as Halo or whichever game has your attention right now? Nerdfitness.com was created by Steve Kamb, a nerd with workout hustle who offers advice on diet, exercise and creating a healthy mindset, which is all targeted at us nerdy types. So maybe let Steve Level up your life.

3. Think Geek

Think Geek

If you haven't heard of Think Geek then you are no kind of nerd in my book. However, if you have in fact not heard about this site let me explain briefly. Think Geek is an online eCommerce site which sells all kinds of geeky gadgets and toys. I myself recently bought a TARDIS toothbrush holder from them and was delighted.

4. Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly

I am sure if you can afford to game seriously then you probably have some kind of job or income. Well, assuming you do then you probably need a little advice to help you maximize your cash. This then is where Getrichslowly.org may be able to help. It is a personal finance advice blog which offers opinions and advice about what may help you grow your money.

5. Zen Habits


The online world can be very stressful at times sometimes more so than the outside world. We all therefore could use space to breathe and just let go of all the stress and drama. This is where advice from Zenhabits.net might come in handy. This blog gives you tips and advice which help you find a more centered and relaxed outlook.

6. Pick the Brain

Pick the Brain

Our lives can sometimes become a jumbled mess and we find ourselves swamped with self doubt and panic. This then is where a blog like Pickthebrain.com comes into its own. This site active since 2006 has countless articles offering advice on personal productivity, motivation, self education, psychology and a host of other helpful topics.

7. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

No Star Trek nerds, not that Khan! This is an online education website which is run as a non-profit with the intent in helping everyone have access to educational materials. It offers activities to allow you to practice your mental skills in subjects such as math, the sciences and humanities. It wont give you a degree but it can help you earn one through practice.

8. Mark's Daily Apple

Mark's Daily Apple

Now I mentioned nerd fitness but if you are interested in a more comprehensive website with health advice from someone who lives for health then Marksdailyapple.com is worth a look. Mark Sission runs the website and offers advice on a truly pure healthy lifestyle. It's all organic inspired, no junk foods, and focuses on living an active life. Basically the message is treat your body like a temple and I don't mean the Temple of Doom.

9. HongKiat


If you want to do more with your computer than just play games then you may need the kind of tips that Malaysian based HongKiat.com offers. This blog offers advice on web design, photoshop and a host of computer orientated topics. So why not branch away from the games and learn a little?

10. Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum

Well, you have access to the computer obviously so you can order a pizza but why not be more adventurous? Pull up Pinchofyum.com and peruse their vast list of recipe ideas. Now print out a shopping list, hit the market, bring it all home and cook up a storm. Come on we have to leave the house at some point and good food is a great reason.

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