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The Visitor 2

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'The Visitor 2' is the bloody counter strike against the Xmas program. Eat other life forms to gain their abilities and start a 'Massacre At Camp Happy'!

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i just wanted to make a snake. that's all i've ever asked you for. a snake. i cry as i type this. please read this as though i'm whispering. this is ruining my life. and yet i am calm. the darkness closes in. nothing matters anymore. i just wanted a snake. that didn't have a tail on it's head. what's the point? i needed this. and i failed to retrieve it. perhaps in another life. in another world. my snake and i will finally lay eyes on one another. then all would be at rest. alas. not this time. my affairs drag me homeward. yet i am enticed to stay. and await the comings of my snake. where? i ask - where is my snake? should i find it in heaven, though i am cursed to hell? time is knowledge. i will know soon. i will know peace. i will know rest. if only my snake should find me. please, god, please, anyone. if you happen upon my snake. tell my snake. tell my snake i search through endless deserts and webpages alike - cold and snowy, and warm and dusty - to find it. tell my snake i shall search till my weary legs find end. goodnight.
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it was fun and hard because of the turtle
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Great game and fun! :3
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on the third level i think is dificult for me theres no squerel
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